3 Best Android Apps to Lock WhatsApp Chats

3 Best WhatsApp Chat Locker Apps for Android

WhatsApp is the trendiest source of chatting. No matter, we receive the important or unimportant messages, to make them secure is essential. As anybody can access our phone, take out our personal information and know about our special chats. So, it is best to use the safest android apps to lock WhatsApp chats. You can use them to safeguard your plans, dealings, feelings and relationships. In addition, locking the chats is better than deleting them because future is uncertain and at any moment, we may have the need to revive the previous conversations.

Below are the 3 best android apps to lock WhatsApp chats:

Locker for Whats Chat App – Secure Private Chat

Best WhatsApp Chat Locker App for AndroidWithout having any fear, you can put your phone anywhere in any hands because this app lets you to lock whatsapp chats with fingerprints or pin. No one can read your group or one person chats. You can freely share what you think or feel. To entirely lock the WhastApp is also possible with this app.

As the app takes care of your privacy similarly it protects your battery. Its size is small so you can easily have it in your phone without worrying about space. It works in speed. Only you will be able to open your chats. To have no burden on your memory this app also enables you to use one password to lock whatsapp chats or whole Whatsapp.

So, have this app to lock WhatsApp chats and gain the peace of mind. No one will be angry with you again that you did not give your phone to them. In this way, this app helps you to take care of people that are near or far away from you. Your Whatsapp conversations will be saved as long as you want. No security issue will occur regarding your SMS if you have the best app to lock WhatsApp chats.

Best Android App For Locking WhatsApp Chats with Password

Chat Locker for WhatsApp

App To Lock WhatsApp ConversationsLocking or hiding messages is very much important if you want to live your life in your style. No one can interrupt in your privacy in case you lock your phone especially your chat apps. Your every secret will remain a secret until a third person knows it. So, use this app to lock WhatsApp chats, Facebook, Skype, email, and other conversations made on other networks.

This application is simple and works great. Within seconds, it will show its performance. Once you set your pin or pattern, the chats will become secured. The other person will not be able to see your private conversations. Only you will be the person who can read chats.

In short, this app has made it easy and fast to lock Whatsapp chats and enjoy a tension free life. Tablet support is also included.Chat Locking App For WhatsApp

Chat lock for WhatsApp, chat safe, chat locker

App To Lock Your WhatsApp Chats with FingerprintsMischievous people have the habit to destroy the mind peace of any another person. So, do not give them the chance to do something wrong or to say wrong about you. Before its late, it is better to lock Whatsapp chats. In this regard, this app can help you. Your all type of WhatsApp conversation will be safe with a pin. You can lock one or more than 2 chats at a time instead of locking your all chats or complete WhatsApp. Group chats can also be protected.

Chat Locker For Securing Your WhatsApp SMS

There are also many other messenger and chat lock apps that let you to lock your all kind of social media chats but above are the best to lock whatsapp chats with fingerprints. You can hide any group or individual conversations including pictures and voice messages.

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