4 Best WhatsApp Clone Apps for Android

4 Best Android Apps To Clone WhatsApp Account

Cloning pictures is an entertaining task but to clone WhatsApp is a highly useful thing. It helps us to use whatsapp whenever and wherever we need. On any device we can double it. Although all the time we have mobile phones in our hands but sometimes we are busy on PC and laptops so in such a situation to pick the phone again and again for receiving and sending SMS often irritates us. But if we have dual whatsapp, one in our phone and second on our desktop screen then it really facilitates us to have fast communication. WhatsApp clone apps for android let you easily double your whatsapp account. Some of these apps allow you to have more than one WhatsApp in one device and some lets you run same whatsapp on different screens. By having dual whatsapp, you can easily handle your personal and business works. Furthermore, in case of lose, you will have an alternative source or a backup system.

There are many clone apps but below are the top 5 WhatsApp clone apps for android:


Introduced by FireBreak developers, this is an awesome Whatsapp clone app because it is fast and free. In few minutes, you can create a copy of your account and enjoy it from any device such as tablet, computer and on another phone etc. To synchronize pictures, chats, video and audio messages is also possible with this app. If you like any status, then you can download it too for watching later.

Best Android App for Cloning WhatsApp In One Phone

WA Clone App

This is a clear and easier whatsapp clone app for android. Audios, images and videos can be moved and saved in your target screen. In one time, you can run same WhatsApp on two phones. From anyone, you can start your conversation. Automatically it will be gone to the device which you select for duplicating your account. Only you need to scan the QR code and let it on the Whatsapp clone app to show its work. You can enjoy direct chats and fastest Whatsapp web. This app also enables you to download, share and remove whatever you want from whatsapp.

Best App For Doubling WhatsApp Account

ClonApp – Dual Messenger for WhatsApp Story Saver

Having a dual WhatsApp account lets you more conveniently manage your data. Not only from one phone but from multiple phones, you can use your whatsapp. Even this facility is also available on tablets and pads. Whatever device, you have in your hands, this whatsapp clone app allows you to easily connect for chatting, sharing and saving your favorite things. At a time, you will have the complete record of your WhatsApp history on different devices only by scanning the QR code. With this app, you can store images and statuses in many formats. Direct chat option is also given in this whatsapp clone app so without saving any number, you can begin chats. The paid version also lets you view SMS without double ticks.

App To Copy WhatsApp From Phone To Any Device

2Face – 2 Accounts for 2 whatsapp

Along with doubling your whatsapp, this app can also clone your favorite games and other social messengers. You can easily separate accounts up to your personal and business needs. For example, one whatsapp for family contacts and the other for business purposes. And the best thing is, you can replicate them in one mobile. Every account will have its own data. This WhatsApp clone app also enables you to easily lock the important chats and eliminate the useless stuff.

App To Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On Multiple Devices

Thus, above are the 4 best whatsapp clone apps for creating moderation in our life and having a quicker interaction through our favorite devices.

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