Top 7 Cut Paste Photo Apps for Android to change Photo

The Best Cut Paste Photo Apps for Android

A smart phone with a camera gives you free hand to take photos in every occasion even you can take your own photo usually called selfie. Although there are many camera apps for android that can give special effects to your photos, beautify your selfies and enables you to take clear photos in low light conditions. But there is hardly any camera app that allows you to cut and paste photos according to your desires. Today Zoogle is intended to write about cut paste photo apps for android that let you to put your face in another photo and gives it original effects. Remember cut paste photo apps are different from simple photo editing apps for android.

Zoogle has compiled this article with the best cut paste photo apps for android. Let’s read.

Cut Paste PhotosCut Paste Photos

This cut paste photo app enables you to change your face with someone else. You can cut the different parts of the photo and can paste it on another photo. Furthermore, it also allows you to give amazing effects to the cut paste photos to make them more realistic. If you want to change the background of the photo or add and remove the people from your photo then try this app.

Cut Paste Photo EditorCut Paste Photo Editor

This cut paste photo app lets you to quickly modify your photos and convert them according to your wishes. You can remove the unwanted parts of the picture, cut the whole figure and paste it into another background. For more professional looks, you can also swap the faces and replace them with your favorite ones.

Cut Paste Photo Seamless EditCut Paste Photo Seamless Edit

This is an amazing cut paste app for android that uses the “seamless overlay” technique to give original effects to your created pictures. You can cut any part of the photo and perfectly put it into another. Your newly produced photo will be more close to reality and has the potential to put others in surprise. This app also gives you the tips to improve your cut paste skills.

Photo Cut Paste – UltimatePhoto Cut Paste - Ultimate

It is a very easy to use cut and paste photo app because it allows you to use your finger to cut the different parts of the photo and paste them on another photo just like a sticker. Even you can paste a complete photo over another photo. For a complete family or friend’s group photo you can also add the photo of the absent person.

Photo Hacker Copy Paste EditorPhoto Hacker Copy Paste Editor

You can create very impressive and stunning photos with this photo cut paste app for android. if you have a nice face but weak body then you can paste your face on the perfect body. The app will remove the unnecessary objects from the picture and let you to make your face beautiful and clear, free from wrinkles or black dots. You can also include and exclude the people from your picture.

Copy Paste Photo Collage

Copy Paste Photo Collage

This cut paste photo app enables you to make collage photos. You can set the collage photos in various postures and backgrounds by using two finger gestures. The app will trim your photos and give them special effects. Like the other cut paste photo apps, it also allows you to add text to your photos.

Photo Fashion Unlimited ™Photo Fashion Unlimited

A good dress can also make your photo outstanding. That’s why this app offers you a lot of beautiful dresses available in every variety. You can crop, rotate and resize the picture to fit in the fashionable dress. The app will also turn your edited picture into wallpaper. If you are bored to change the wallpaper then select such android apps which will automatically change your wallpaper.

Now as usual here is the NewZoogle special App of the Month;

Animal Fun Puzzle

Puzzles android app

Animal Fun Puzzle game is a new and amazing game which anyone can easily play. It is contained on more than 24 beautiful animal pictures and let you to match the various parts of the photo with one another. The app takes you from easy to difficult levels and every level is full of thrill and enjoyment. The remarkable feature of this animal fun puzzle is that it is totally free and also works without internet. So play the animal fun puzzle game and pass your leisure time effectively.

If you are using another cut paste photo app for android then tell zoogle in the comments because zoogle loves to enhance its knowledge.


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