Google’s Award Winning Android Apps

Google's Award Winning Android Apps

Every year, Google announces some of its best apps. The award ceremony features a range of categories from the best new apps to the best gaming apps. If you’d want to update your Android with some of the best apps in the market, you should consider checking out the winners in this year’s competition. All the apps are available in the Play Store.

Standout IndieMushroom 11

Mushroom 11 is a puzzle game that has been winning awards left, right and centre. The app is beautiful and it is supported by great music – something many apps don’t take into account. The puzzles are imaginative and provide a big enough challenge to keep you entertained.

Standout StartupHOOKED - Chat Stories

The Standout Startup award went to HOOKED. The app is a nice and unique experience – it allows you to read chat stories straight from your phone. All the short stories are both funny and gripping. You will find tons of material to keep you entertained. If you’re a creative person, you can even create your own stories.

Best Android Wear ExperienceRuntastic Running & Fitness Tracker

Wearables are becoming increasingly popular. Android offers you plenty of apps to synchronize with your phone or smart watch. The award for the best wearable app went for Runtastic. With the app, you can set goals and track your activity. It shows measures such as distance, time, elevation and calories burned, for example. You can even create fitness groups with friends.

Best TV ExperienceRed Bull TV Live Sports, Music & Entertainment

For those who love action, Red Bull TV is an app that provides you with sports and entertainment from the world’s best adventurers. The app is a window into many Red Bull events, ranging from BMX to snowboarding. You can even see festivals and music events with the app.

Best VR ExperienceVirtual Virtual Reality

The winner in the VR category was Virtual Virtual Reality. The app is not free to play, but it offers you plenty to do. If you don’t yet have a proper VR Android phone, you should check offers for VR gear with OZCodes. You can find plenty of technology retailers offering products with huge discount to make VR cheaper and more accessible.

Best AR ExperienceWOORLD

Are you a big fan of games like Minecraft? If so, Google’s award for the best AR Experience went for an app that’s similar to the popular sandbox game. WOORLD allows you to create a virtual world to live and build as you wish. You can add objects to your actual living space and interact with the world in a silly and playful manner. This is a great app for kids and adults alike.

Best App for KidsAnimal Jam - Play Wild

Android OS has a number of good apps for kids. The winner of 2017 was Animal Jam – Play Wild. You get to choose your favourite animal, create a style and go out exploring the world. You can adopt pets, learn about nature and read fantastic e-books about animals and their habitats. The app is free, but be aware that there are in-game purchases that are allowed – however, they can be disabled in the settings to ensure your child doesn’t buy things without your knowledge.

Best Multiplayer GameHearthstone

Blizzard is one of the world’s biggest gaming companies and its card game Hearthstone has become one of the world’s played games. The multiplayer game also took home the best Multiplayer Game award this year from Google. The game recently had a new expansion, so now is the best time to get involved with the game.

Best AppMemrise Learn a new language

Apps are not just for entertainment either and Google Awards game the Best App award to a language-learning app this year. Memrise is a popular app, used by over 2 million people. Through the app, you can take courses and communicate with other language-learners and native speaker of your chosen language. You can watch videos, text chat and play language games.

Best GameTRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight took home the top spot in the competitive category of Best Game. The app is action-based and there are plenty of things to do in the game. You can collect icons, play with friends and immerse yourself with the exciting story mode.

Best Accessibility ExperienceIFTTT

Android apps are also great for productivity. IFTTT is one of the best such apps. It will help you synchronise different apps together – for example, you can streamline your social media so that when you post on one platform, all of your profiles get an update. You can even get the app to give you recommendations based on your location.

Best Social ImpactShare TheMeal - Help children

If you’d like to do some good, check out Share the Meal. The app is designed by the World Food Programme and it helps you feed a hungry child. You can create teams with your friends, solve problems and donate your meals to help those that don’t have the luxury of finding enough food. It won’t just help people around the world; this app is bound to make you happier as well.

Google’s awards are a great way to find new popular apps and add a bit more entertainment to your day. If you want to update your Android apps, you can enjoy these above apps to brighten your day.

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