Top 7 Motion Detector Apps for Android to alert you Before Danger

The Best Motion Detection Apps for Android

Motion detector apps for android have the ability to turn your mobile in to a surveillance security camera. These apps will alert you what is happening around you and helps you to catch the thief with red-hand. For example, if you are busy in your work and someone secretly enters in your room then the motion detector app will inform you on the spot. Secondly, if someone tries to do something illegal behind you like stealing your mobile, wristwatch and other precious ornaments, the motion detection apps for android will also prevent you from irreparable lose. Motion detector apps enable you to take the picture or make the secret video directly from your mobile to get the proof. There is more to know, let’s read about the top 7 motion detector apps for android.


Arlo camera motion detector app not only capture the photo of the suspected person but also privately make the voice video of the intruder. If you left your mobile at home then this motion detector app lets you to know about your home even you can also monitor your office and outdoors to know what is happening in your absence.

Motion DetectorMotion Detector

A loud alarm will make you attentive when this motion detector app for android will identify something suspicious around you. You can also increase or decrease the buzzing sound of the alarm to check the thief’s potential. The app saves the photo of the person who tries to wrongly access your things.

A ton of great settings are also included to serve you the best.

Motion Detector Pro

Motion Detector Pro
This motion detection app helps you to monitor your surroundings wisely. You can remotely control the things of your choice even when you are not present at home. If the motion detector finds something disturbing around you it will push a text message, send the email and save the photo of the anonymous on SD card or cloud.

Motion Detector

Motion Detector
Motion Detector app offers a lot of compelling features like real-time recording of the event; trigger the automatic alarm, widget support and many more. You can also customize this motion detection app according to the way you like.

Dlink motion detector

Dlink motion detector
Like the night vision camera apps which help you to take photos at night, Dlink motion detector app for android allows you to detect the unwanted things or images even in the complete darkness. You can also quickly make the videos and turn on or off the motion detector app in the critical situations.

Camera Trigger (Motion Detect)

Camera Trigger ( Motion Detect )
You can set the time of motion detection for saving your battery power. Camera Trigger enables you to modify the sensitivity of the camera from low to high and high to low. The app provides the same features as the Selfie Gif camera apps and photo slideshow making apps offers to watch your saved pictures in flow without any click.

PhotoTrap Trail Camera

Photo Trap Trail Camera

This motion detector app is a least popular but excellent in working. When it detects the movement around you it will send the notification, text message and email to you. You can also save and hide the videos, icons or photos on your phone and external storage.

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