The Most Outstanding Security Apps For Smartphone


Your mobile is the device which you have kept with you all the time. There are a lot of chances that you can lose it or anyone can snatch it from you. In such a case you will not only lose your device but you will also lose your data and privacyThe iPhone 4. Thanks to the companies especially to Avast and Norton and many others. These companies have made such a wonderful security applications that provide protection to your device and data. Some apps are free of cost or you can download them from internet and others you can buy from market. These security apps are very useful for Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices. Some security apps perform similar functions and some apps have very unique features.

Let us examine different security apps and their functions:



Security applications Functions Price
Lookout Protects your device from insecure Wi-Fi networks. Free
Shows the location of your device on Google maps even if the GPS is off.
Activates the alarm even if the device is on silent.
Restore your phone book contacts on line.
MacAfee wave secure Track the location of your device in case of lose. $20/year
Remotely delete your data.
Keeps your aware about the sim and calling numbers.
Photos and videos can be restored.
Inform you where your device had been placed previously.
 Bull Guard Remotely access to your device. $30/year
Delete your data remotely in case of lose
Save your children even if you have no access to phone.
Gives protection your SIM card and data.
Norton security  Lite Blocks unnecessary calls and SMS. Free
Keeps you aware about the malicious Apps.
Gives privacy during browsing on phone.
Secures your phone from viruses and malware.
Locate your phone in case of lost.
Remotely locks the data and delete it.
Kaspersky You can hide the incoming calls and SMS automatically. $15/year
 Track the location of your phone in case of lose.
Delete your data even if the SIM card is changed.
Anti-virus and anti-theft protect your device.
Snap secure Blocks such calls in which numbers are unknown or hidden. $18/year$4/month
Anti-spyware and anti-virus scan the new installed apps for malware.
Blocks the unnecessary e-mails and SMS.
Anti-theft helps you to find out the thief.
Helps you in emergency.
Avast Delete your data remotely. Free
Blocks the calls remotely.
Emergency alarm can be activated.
New names can be given to the installed apps.
Track the location of your device in case of lose.
Avast icon can be disappeared and can cheat the thief.
Gadget Track Nobody can delete your data without your permission. $4/month
Take the picture of the person who stole your mobile.
Informs you about the location of your mobile in case of lose even if the GPS is out of work.
iHound high phone and family tracking Track the location of your mobile. $10/year
Delete your data remotely.
Locks your device.
Alarm rings even if the mobile is on silent.




Thus, it is an act of intelligence that you have installed the security applications in your mobile and if not then hurry up! and give the proof of your intelligence.

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