Top 7 Android Physics Apps for Students to Gain High Grades in Physics

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Physics is a very interesting subject but often students claim that it is difficult to learn the physics formulas, theories, equations and numerical due to the similarities among them. If you want to learn Physics than first you have to consider that Physics is not a tough subject rather than it is one of the best science subjects that can improve your grades and elevate your academic career too. A lot of helping books, solutions, multiple academic notes and online tutorials has made this subject ever easier. And the most helpful way to learn the physics is to have the best android Physics apps. These apps can cover up all the basic topics along with comprehensive definitions and examples. Now you do not need to carry the heavy books with you all the time, read physics on your android screen while you are on the go.

Newzoogle has tested many android physics apps some of them are really helpful so I would like to share them with you.

Pocket Physics

Pocket PhysicsPhysics will be on your finger tips because this android physics app gives you the basic information related to important topics like gravity, motion, energy and so on. You can easily understand the complex details with the help of carefully drawn pictures.

Physics Pro 2019 – Notes, Dictionary & Calculator

Physics Pro 2019 - Notes, Dictionary & CalculatorThe best android physics app I have ever seen is not other than this app. You can get short but impressive definitions based on different topics and lessons. The app shows you the complete list of all physics formulas and equations so do not need to search them page by page. This android physics app also allows you to open the various Wikipedia links to learn more about your favorite topic.

Complete Physics

Complete PhysicsIf you want to become an expert in physics then pick up this amazing android physics app. More than 15 important topics are compiled up in this app. You can have a special physics vocabulary because the app is integrated with advanced dictionary. This android physics app also enables you to save and edit your essential notes in your desired format.

PhyWiz – Physics Solver

PhyWiz - Physics Solver

If you feel difficulty in solving the physics problems, numerical and other reviewed conceptual questions then this android physics app will help you a lot. This app shows you the complete solutions of the numerous physics problems and equations accompanied with correct answers.

Physics FormulasPhysics Formulas

This android physics app is fantastic due to the incredible features it offers. You can enter any type of physics problem and let it on the app to solve it. From atomic physics to thermal physics every categorical formulas are elaborated in this android physics app. You can share, save, add and search your favorite topics with the app. This android physics app also supports multiple foreign languages.

Physics Dictionary Offline

Physics Dictionary Offline

This android physics app is especially designed for the physics lovers. You can easily find the meanings or explanations of different logical terms with this app. The app also allows you to bookmark your essential and mostly used physics terms. The interesting thing about this android physics app is that it will remain active even when you have no internet. To prolong your monthly or weekly internet usages install the best internet lock applications on android.

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Brain It On! - Physics PuzzlesIf you think that you have enough physics knowledge to appear in different exams like WAEC, NECO, JAMB then try this android physics app. You can play amazing puzzle games to sharp your mind for various physics challenges. The app also enables you to try different methods to cross the informative puzzles.

Newzoogle Special:

Here is an amazing android app developed by Saundra Lee / LadyBrainDial LLC.

Weird A%! Questions

Weird A % ! Questions is the best app to increase and freshen up your knowledge related to different topics. It shows you the questions and gives the three options like yes, no and skip to the next question. You can select your answer and can easily compare it with the other people. All the questions are very interesting and persuade you to know more and more. So try “Weird A% ! Questions” and stay up to date with the latest and current topics that can help you in different examinations.

Weird A %! Questions

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