Top 7 Android Apps to Download Facebook Videos Quickly

The Best Facebook Video Downloader Apps for Android

Many of you may spend half of the day on facebook doing a variety of things. Some people like to read the updated status and profile of their fellows others may be interested in chatting, watching the videos and uploading the exclusive pictures etc. All these tasks seem to be very easy but the problem arises when you wish to download the videos from facebook. If you have android then there are many chances that you watch a video which appeals you a lot and you want to watch it again and again even when the internet is off. Facebook video downloader apps allow you to do that. You can quickly download the videos or pictures from facebook and save them in your mobile for later use. The best thing about the facebook video downloader app is that it enables you to view the videos in high quality and share them with your friends. Carry on the reading because there is more to tell you about android video downloader apps for facebook.

Video Downloader For Facebook

Video Downloader for Facebook
After browsing the facebook page you can download the video of your choice even from the pages you liked or not liked. You can do anything on your android while the app will download the facebook videos in the background. Create the favorite list of your downloaded videos and save them in your android.

MyVideoDownloader for Facebook

MyVideoDownloader for Facebook
MyVideoDownloader for Facebook lets you to quickly download the tagged and shared videos even from your newsfeed and group pages. The app downloads the facebook vides in high quality and allows you to add your favorite videos and impressive profiles in bookmarks for quick visit.

Video Downloader for Facebook by LinternaVideo Downloader for Facebook by Linterna

Fast Facebook Video Downloader is really deserves this name because it offers such functions that make the downloading as easier as never before. A single click enables you to join the facebook and download the desired videos. The app keeps safe the collection of your downloaded videos in your mobile.

Facebook Video DownloaderVideo Downloader for Facebook

Downloader for Facebook Videos app is best for all those who are new to facebook because the app provides you the step by step guidance related to video downloading. This app has not hard and fast rules like the other apps; you can download any type of videos from public pages and all around the facebook.

Save Videos From FacebookSave Videos From Facebook

Video Downloader For Facebook app is generated by the famous developers. There are a lot of funny videos or clips available in the app which you can watch and download. The app also lets you to easily download the videos uploaded by the person leaving far away from you.

All Video Downloader 2018All Video Downlaoder 2018

This video downloader app is not confined just to facebook but also gives you the facility to download the unlimited videos from Instagram, twitter, dailymotion and other medias. This video downloader app also provides you a very quick service to share the videos with your friends around various social networks.

All Video DownloaderAll Video Downloader

Along with downloading the facebook videos this app also allows you to quickly download the videos from any websites around the world except YouTube. You can see the downloading speed in the status bar, enjoy all video formats and check the video before saving it in your device.

Which android app takes less time in video downloading from facebook? Do you really satisfied with it or not? Write your answer in the comments.

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