5 Best Android Apps to Learn Asma ul Husna – 99 Names of Allah

5 Best Android Apps to Learn Asma ul Husna- 99 Names of Allah

Allah is the creator of this whole world. He has 99 beautiful names which are called “Asma ul Husna”. Each name represents a characteristic of Allah. For example, He is Ar-Rahman(The Exceedingly Compassionate) Ar-Raheem(The Exceedingly Merciful), Al-Malik(The absolute Ruler), Al-Quddoos(The Holy)and As-Salaam(The Source of Peace and Safety). Anyone who will memorize all the “99 names of Allah” will go in to “Paradise”. There are different benefits to read each name and Allah will award you with success in every field of life. Your all prayers and duas will be accepted and you will feel relaxed all the time. There are also many more blessings for the person who will learn, read and listen to the 99 names of Allah. So if you want to comfort your heart and looking for the inner satisfaction then try these android apps to learn Asma ul Husna and get everything you wished for. These apps also tell you the details and meanings of each name.

After spending a lot of time, Newzoogle team has carefully selected the 5 best android apps to learn Asma ul Husna. Hope, you will like them.

AsmaSlides: AsmaulHusna AudioAsmaSlides AsmaulHusna Audio

Every Muslim love to install this android app to learn Asma ul Husna because this app gives you a lot of interesting features such as you can know the 99 names of Allah along with easy to understand meanings, description, dalil evidence and benefits behind reading each name. You can bookmark your favorite name. This app also lets you to get a variety of quality Nasheed songs and well-designed slideshow to quickly learn Asma ul Husna.

99 Names of Allah99 Names of Allah

This is an amazing android app to learn Asma ul Husna with meanings and translations in Arabic or English. You can set notifications to quickly learn Allah names. In a very beautiful and clear voice, you can listen to Asma ul Husna and set them as wallpaper to remember Allah all the time. This app also supports a widget, nice material design and a number display so you can easily memorize Asma ul Husna.

Asma al Husna – Allah NamesAsma al Husna - Allah Names

For all the Islamic people, this is the best android app to learn Asma ul Husna whenever and wherever you want. You can read and listen to 99 names of Allah. The text and sound quality of this app is very much clear. The meanings and details are available in both English and Urdu language. This app is also compatible for all android devices.

99 Names of Allah: AsmaUlHusna99 Names of Allah AsmaUlHusna

This app is recommended to all the people who love Allah and Islam. Here you can get the basic information about Islam, know the interesting Islamic facts, listen to Allah names and understand the meanings and details of each name in English, Urdu and Arabic. This app also enables you to test your learning progress and turn on the app even when there is no internet.

99 Allah Names (Islam)99 Allah Names (Islam)

With a very beautiful and user friendly interface, this is another great android app to learn Asma ul Husna with meanings and English translation of the meaning of Quran in description for each name. You can listen to the audio and control it up to your ease. This app also supports android mobiles and tablets.

If you know more android apps to learn Asma ul Husna then it will be our pleasure to include them in the above list. So do not forget to inform us via comments.

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