Allah Live Wallpaper Apps for Android to Feel Safe

Allah Live Wallpaper Apps for Android to Feel Safe

Allah is one. He has created the whole universe. He is merciful, ever-living, all-seeing and all-hearing. He is everywhere and knows everything. All Muslim strongly believes on Him and remains busy to worship Him day and night because Allah’s zikar gives them comfort. Allah live wallpaper apps are also the best source to remember Allah all the time. Whenever you will see at your phone’s screen Islamic wallpaper will increase spirituality in you and as a result you will feel the inner calmness. Your all difficulties will automatically turn into easiness and you will get a lot of blessings all the day. There are 99 names of Allah about which I will talk in the next article (Insha-Allah). Anyways, Allah live wallpapers for android are very beautiful and designed with attractive colors.

Let’s know more.

Allah Live WallpaperAllah Live Wallpaper 1

This app has more than 10 high quality Islamic wallpapers that are battery-friendly. You can select your favorite wallpaper and control the animation speed from slow to fast and fast to slow. This app also supports different backgrounds, landscape and portrait orientations.

Allah Water Ripple islamic LWPAllah Water Ripple Islamic LWP

Allah Water Ripple Islamic LWP is very much popular among all Muslims because this app gives you a lot of Islamic backgrounds into different categories such as 99 names of Allah, Bismallah, tasbih and Dous wallpapers. When you touch the screen water rippling effect will make your screen more beautiful. This app also enables you to automatically change the wallpapers and resize the images up to your screen.

Allah Live WallpaperAllah Live Wallpaper 3

If you are a true Muslim then you will love Allah live wallpaper app to give an Islamic look to your device. Your Islamic home screen will strengthen your believe and let you to have a divine atmosphere all around you. The beautiful animations and the colors of the backgrounds are also very much spiritualistic.

Allah Live WallpaperAllah Live Wallpaper 4

This app is best to feel relaxed and closer to Allah. Many great and HD Islamic wallpapers are included here. You can select your most wanted wallpaper to feel safe all the time. This app also allows you to change the animation speed and word colors to have a beautiful religious background.

Allah Live WallpaperAllah Live Wallpaper 5

If you are looking for the unique Islamic pictures then “Allah Live Wallpaper” is just for you. There are a variety of Muslim backgrounds that are compatible for both android mobiles and tablets. This app does not consume your battery power.

What kind of wallpapers will you like to set on your device: Islamic or seasonal? I am waiting for your feedback so does not forget to comment.

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