What Google Glass can do?

Google Glass

What Google Glass can do?

* Google Glass can do many important things. Let us count the things which we can do with the help of Google Glass.
* It can take the record of your all day activities like a life logging device.
* You can see videos on it.
* You can do video chat with your friends.
* You can make videos and pictures in a new way.
* You can do search on Google.
* You can give it the voice command and it will start work immediately according to your command. For example you can say it “OK Glass, take a picture” and it will take the picture immediately.
* It is very necessary to say it “OK Glass” before giving it the voice command. In this way Google will be aware that you are talking to it.
* You can use it for searching your right path because it has a GPS chip in it.
* You can use Google translator through it.
* There are also many other unique works which can be done by this device.

How Google Glass works?

Google Glass works very simply. Prism is the most important part of it. It makes a clear virtual layer above the scene which the user can see. It is the duty of a small projector to show the scenes in prism. This small projector has its own significance. It shapes the virtual image in such a way that it can be seen exactly above the real scene.

The virtual image which is shaped in prism has a direct affect on fovea. Fovea is that part of human eye which is responsible to show the clear image during the acts of high concentration like reading or driving.

Google maps are used for navigation and Google plus are used for sharing videos and pictures on internet.


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