Top 3 Best English Grammar Test Apps for Android

3 Best English Grammar Test Apps For Android

English grammar has great importance in education and business world. Any piece of writing with correct information can be easily failed if the wrong grammar is detected. So, it is necessary for both students and employees to test their grammar skills. Therefore, today, you will know about the best English grammar test apps for android. These apps will show you the major flaws in your writing and your ability of gaining good or bad marks.

In short, English grammar test apps let you guess your exam preparation level. These apps have different test patterns and also indicate the right or wrong answers. The test questions are also different. So, have the following English grammar test apps for android to improve your knowledge.

English Grammar Test

Best English Grammar Test App For PracticeLearning and practicing English grammar is very much easy with this app. It gives you 60+ tests with a lot of questions related to different grammar units. When you will solve a test, its result will also be shown to you along with details. You can know the correct answer and get the reasons of wrong answer. All tests reports are displayed on one page indicating your overall performance. Mostly the tests format is in MCQs form.

In addition, there are 1200 exercises which you can try in your free time. Your test taking speed will boost. This English grammar test app not only focuses on tests but also provides chatting facility to fearlessly talk with others in English.

Most Popular English Grammar Test App On Phone

English Grammar Test by Truat

English Grammar Test App With Questions And AnswersThis is the next famous English grammar test app that gives you more than 5000 multiple choice questions based on hundreds of topics. The true and false answers will appear after the test. Your test time will also display so you can increase your speed accordingly. In short time, you will be able to solve more questions.

Often it happened that you think you had given the right answer but in reality, it is marked as wrong. Therefore, this English grammar test app will explain why the answer is true or false. So, for the next time you will be aware before selecting the option. This app also shows the scores which you will achieve in one test.

To raise your confidence and for your comfort, this app offers various test levels that are best for beginners and challenge lovers. You will never lose your courage rather feel confident and be ready to face any English test.

Grammar Test App To Check Exam Preparation Level

English Practice

English Grammar Test Practice AppIn learning process, the most important thing is “practice”. Without it, there are eighty percent chances that you may forget a major part of information. So, before sitting into any English test like IELTS and TOEFL, must practice English to strengthen your efforts. And in this regard, this app can help you a lot.

Not only tests but there are many flashcards and grammar quizzes which you can try to improve your preparation. From four of the best levels, you can pick the practice mode up to your capacities. If you are new to grammar, then “beginner” level will suit well otherwise the intermediate and advanced levels are great to check your capabilities.

For updating your knowledge, you can read different grammar lessons from this android app. English chat room and android smart watch are also supported to train you in a modern way.

Practice Questions For English Grammar Test

Many more English grammar tests are also included in the grammar learning apps but above apps are best. Because they have all the essentials of a test including different formats, explanations and test reports. Which app will you like to test your grammar?

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