Tips for Writing a Persuasive Academic Paper on Smartphone Systems

A Complete Guide for Writing A Persuasive Research Paper On Smart Phone Systems

Smart technologies are the talk of the town nowadays, and there are good reasons for that. People can’t live without devices that help them carry out usual tasks from day to day. That is why the sphere of the latest tech should be explored more so that you are more aware of the digital platforms’ peculiarities.

As a hi-tech enthusiast or as a science student, you might be asked to compare and contrast several technical phenomena in the form of an academic essay. Topics here allow the whole variety – artificial intelligence, software development, electronic waste and sustainability… Or even simpler ones, such as ‘Android vs iOS’. In today’s’ short article we are going to guide you through the procedure of writing an academic paper on technological topics and provide some proven tips on writing it as successfully as possible using both your effort and a trusted research paper writing service.

The number one thing that should be kept in mind while creating an essay is your primary goal. In most essays, the goal is to persuade the audience that one thing or program is better than another, giving actual proofs and sufficient evidence. That is why, at the end of the introduction paragraph, you should leave your main idea (or thesis statement) that will be the key thought of the whole essay. Depending on that thesis, you develop 3 more branches, or topic statements for each of the body paragraphs to support them with relevant proofs. Here are some useful ideas on how to arrange it all.

  • Mind the structure. You might have brilliant arguments, the most up to the minute facts and data, but if you neglect the universal 5 paragraph essay structure there is not much success awaiting your essay. In body paragraphs, try to keep to one topic sentence and make it unfold with each word. As for the conclusion, never repeat the same things you said in the introduction. Better formulate the results of your study and what you have managed to prove.
  • Trust a writing service if you are short of time. If you’re a student, very often you might face a lack of time or energy to accomplish certain time-consuming tasks, like writing an essay. In such situations, the win-win solution will be to make an order online. Believe us, it would be much better than working overtime and waking up with red eyes. Besides, it’s quite affordable for the average budget of a student.
  • Choose the solid criteria for comparison. Remember, you should be logical in comparison so pick those areas where it will not be difficult to find information on each operating system. Take, for example, interface, price range, mobile apps and games available, real user feedback, cameras, and battery strength. With each of those spheres, delve into the technical characteristics of each system, giving attention to details and memory in store along with pros and cons. And, wait, did we say that all the data should be new (at least not older than 2015)?
  • Give reference. A decent research paper must rely on the tried and true sources, so better stick to that. They play the first fiddle when it comes to analyzing, no matter what the subject you’re writing is about. If you choose the latest books and blogs dedicated to technology, make sure they are officially acknowledged, and the material is fresh enough.

More Details on Criteria of Software Comparison

When taking the same field to contrast these two operating systems, do not limit yourself to one certain version of an app or Android. As a tech savvy, you must know better than anyone else that devices are constantly developing. That is why the good idea will be to take a few versions or updates of iOS or Android systems and compare their characteristics from year to year.
To illustrate this tip, we will take the sphere of updates. For instance, Apple’s iOS offers consistent and regular software updates together with security patches while with the Android system you should get this for an extra payment.

Now, with these examples of writing a persuasive essay about smartphone operating systems, you can feel more confident and get down to work.

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