How to Advance Info Saving: Download Facebook Videos and Images Tools

Perhaps most of us are aware of the power and popularity of Facebook. Yes, the trendiness of this network is limitless. And that’s because FB is the perfect platform for both communication and business. Plus, you can get a huge dose of inspiration or educational information here.

All your friends, acquaintances, present and future clients, competitors, and partners are here. So it is a good idea to save some important information for the future. But not everything is perfect here either: while photo content can still be saved without any problems, storing FB videos to any gadget is a problem. The thing is, Facebook provides the only option for saving (in other words postponing) the video – sending it to Facebook bookmarks, but not the device. So you have to go to the app to browse it later.

So, it’s not always convenient. A great option is to keep media content with information about your competitors somewhere on your phone or computer so that you can easily access it at any time and, most importantly, without an internet connection.

I’d like to tell you that there is a solution, and I will now show you which way to download the content to any device and why content saving is essential.

How to Advance Info Saving: Download Facebook Videos And Images Tools

3 important reasons for keeping content

  1. valuable information in one place

You could create a separate folder in the gallery or on the desktop to collect important information about your competitors. Keeping your business organized would be even better.

2. round-the-clock access

In this case, the internet is not needed. The only thing you need is a charged device where all the information is stored. Browse anytime, anywhere.

3. it is anonymous and lawful

Your competitors won’t even know you’re saving. Moreover, there is no infringement unless you intend to misappropriate someone else’s content and use it for commercial purposes (copyright law still exists).

FB video saving ways

There are several methods to download media content. They all differ in the use of various devices or the complexity of tool working. In general, there are three main ways: save directly to Facebook, install additional apps (most often with an iPhone), or use web platforms to download FB video. Let’s break down all the methods.


inflact fb downloader

Video storing: in FB app

It’s the simplest way to “put a video on hold”, but then again, it’s all on the Facebook platform. All saved media content will be stored in the “Saved” FB folder.

How to use:

  • login to FB using any device
  • pick out the video to postpone for future viewing
  • hit on “3 dots” on the video right
  • pick out “Save video”

FB video storing: on PC and Mac

  1. FBdown

The downloading way goes through the website. There are more platforms out there, but this one is considered one of the most popular and tested to download media content on the computer.

How to use:

  • switch to FB with the browser, then copy a link of a necessary video (pick out “3 dots” at the top right of video then “Copy link”)
  • open the FB down service in a new browser page and insert the URL on the input line
  • pick out the necessary video quality
  • then right-click it and select “Save as”
  • open the “Downloads” folder to explore the video on the pc.

2. 4kdownload

The downloading way goes through the app. The tools can be used on Windows and Mac too, and stores videos in maximum Facebook quality – 2k.

How to use:

  • install the tool;
  • switch to FB and copy the video URL (“3 dots” at the top right of video then “Copy link”)
  • go back to the installed app and pick out “Paste link”
  • hit on “Download” after picking the good video quality.

FB video storing: on Android

Phones are more complicated, as there are only a few tools among the many that will be safe for your device. There is an excellent solution for Androids – using the same FBdown service via a Chrome browser.

How to use:

  • switch to the FB via Chrome and find the necessary video
  • copy its URL in the address line (or pick out “Share” and “Copy link”);
  • switch to the service in another Chrome window and insert the link in the input line
  • pick out “Download”;
  • select the right quality for the video in the opened window
  • select “Download link”.

To find the stored file go to your Android “Downloads” or browser settings (to be aware of the exact location).

FB video storing: on iPhone

With an iPhone, there are only two safe ways: a trusted app or web platforms.

Let’s start with the platforms.

  1. FB video downloader

The service designed by Inflact works online and doesn’t need any installation and registration. It’s free and instant. Just copy the URL of the desired media content and download it with any device.

How to use:

  • choose any video to store in a phone or pc
  • pick out “3 points” on the video right then “Copy link” on the context menu
  • paste the link into the saver input line, then pick out “Search”
  • enjoy and explore the stored videos in computer “Downloads” or phone library anytime.


The service also works online and allows you to get videos from Twitter and YouTube too.

How to use:

  • again copy the link of the necessary video on the FB app
  • insert the URL in the input line of the opened service in the browser
  • hit on “Download”
  • pick out the quality, then “Save as” or “Download link”.

3. Friendly app

The tool is available on the App Story. Its use is slightly longer as it requires installation.

How to use:

  • install the tool
  • create an account there
  • connect FB network to the service after the question
  • login to the FB acc
  • pick out the “down arrow” image at the video bottom left to store the desired content
  • all will be stored in the iPhone gallery.

There will be no problem navigating and understanding service working as the tool is similar to FB itself.

FB image saving

There is nothing complicated about the pictures. You may also store images in FB itself or on any device without using an app or platform.

Downloading with a computer:

  • go to the FB page with a browser
  • pick out the necessary image
  • hit on it and pick out 3 dots at the top right
  • click “Download” and wait for the process will be complete
  • go to pc “Downloads” to explore the image.

Downloading with a phone:

  • open the FB app on the phone
  • pick out the necessary photo
  • open it, then tap and hold the image to get a pop-up menu
  • pick out “Save photo”
  • go to the gallery to enjoy the picture.

Thus, these are the best and mostly used tools for downloading facebook videos with quality. Each tool offers easy and quick way for getting your favorite content in your device. Which tool is better according to you? Do let us know in the comments.

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