Top 7 Game Booster Apps for Android to Smoothly Play the Games

Best Game Booster Apps for Android

My younger son is fond of playing the adventurous games on android but often claimed that his favorite games are not running well due to the old android. And one day searching for the best games I found the game boosters and surprised my son with this great news that now he can play all the games in high speed even if his mobile is old. Thanks to the developers who has created the game booster apps for android and take my tensions away. So I will like to tell you about the best game booster apps that will not drain your battery rather improve the speed of your android. Like my son, all of you have the better experience to play the games in super extra speed because these game booster apps enable you to make high scores and play the games as long as you want.

Google play has a lot of game booster apps for android but you know Newzoogle will discuss the top 7 game booster apps for android.

Game Booster & Launcher

Game Booster & Launcher

This app is the choice of millions of people because it actually works and lets you to play the games smoothly. You can choose the game and press the icon to speed it up. It also allows you to optimize the memory and clear the junk files to improve the overall performance of your android.

Dr. Booster – Boost Game SpeedDr. Booster - Boost Game Speed

This game booster app is best for the people who love the GTA and other thrilling games. It promised to increase the game speed from 20 to 40 percent because it automatically removes the useless background tasks and signal problems that often create headache during the play.

Game Booster (Plugin)Game Booster (Plugin)

This app has many interesting features such as your device will remain normal even if you are playing games for a long time because this game booster app automatically handles the heat, memory and RAM issues. You can increase the speed up to 60%, save the battery and use the white list to protect your most wanted apps during boosting.

Game Booster – Speed Up Phone

Game Booster - Speed Up Phone

This game booster app can enhance the speed of your games to such a level which you cannot assume even in dreams. To gain the scores and cross the multiple stages will become super easy for you because this app provides the various customizable game modes that also work without internet and support the Bluetooth and screen rotation etc.

Speed Booster – Ram, Battery & Game Speed Booster

Speed Booster - Ram, Battery & Game Speed Booster

This game booster app lets you to play games in a very friendly atmosphere where everything is under control because this app automatically detects the RAM problems and solve them immediately. Your phone’s performance, cache, battery and game speed will be increased up to 80%.

Game Booster PerforMAX

Game Booster PerforMAX

Game Booster PerforMAX is a handy app for all the android users who love to play the games quickly but with better scores. The app correctly deals the memory problems and improves the working of your favorite apps and games as well.

Game Booster |Play Games Faster & Smoother

Game Booster Play Games Faster & Smoother

Like the above game booster apps for android this app also optimize the RAM and CPU usage but with a max speed. You can play the games in fast speed and well running modes that help you to quickly break the score challenges.

Newzoogle Recommends:

Here is the best game for every one.

Jelly Fruits Mania

Jelly Fruits Mania

Jelly Fruits Mania is a very mind-blowing game where you have to crush 3, 4 or 5 same jellies to create lightning, thunder, bomb and other amazing effects. It’s up to you to achieve your target score in minimum moves and less time because the game is very much adventurous. There are more than 150 challenges that are very interesting and arranged in beautiful backgrounds with soothing playback music. Jelly Fruits Mania also lets you to break the leader board scores and invite your fellows to create challenges.

Must try this game to have fun in your life and do not forget to tell us about your favorite game booster app for android.


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