Top 7 Floating Touch Apps for Android to Do Multitask Quickly

Top 7 Floating Touch Apps for Android

Floating touch apps for android provide you a lot of facilities and protect your home keys as well. You do not need to go again and again on the home screen for doing different things like watching the movie, playing the games and reading the SMS. Floating touch apps floats on your screen and allows you to do multiple tasks at the same time. For example, if you are playing a very thrilling game and suddenly receive an email or message from your friend then without going to the home screen you can directly read the message from the icon that will float at the top and bottom of the screen. You can also set the floating apps at different sides of the screen like right and left. Some floating touch apps give you predefined functions while the others give you full freedom to set the floating tasks according to your choice such as you can quickly use the calculator, translator and camera etc.

Newzoogle has collected the top 7 floating touch apps for android that will help you to do various things just in a single click.

Floating Apps FREE – multitask

Floating Apps FREE - multitask

Although this floating touch app is packed with more than 30 important floating apps but also enables you to float the apps of your choice. If you are watching movie and at the same time you want to use the calculator, dialer, flashlight and many other apps then this app will provide you a floating icon related to all apps which you want to open quickly. With the help of floating touch app you can also search the things from internet without leaving your current work.

Floating Toolbox

Floating Toolbox

Floating toolbox allows you to create more than 5 floating touch apps which you can easily access. You can change the size, color and transparency of the floating toolbox. You can also hide the floating apps and set them anywhere on your screen.

Translator – FloatingTranslator - Floating

Floating translator is very much helpful for the people who read the books and make the notes on android. With this app, you can easily find the translations and meanings of difficult words into any language. You can also save, hide and resize the floating window.

Snapy, The Floating CameraSnapy, The Floating Camera

This app offers a unique feature which you may need all the time. You can secretly make the videos and take the pictures immediately without going to the camera gallery. A flexible floating camera app enables you to capture the photos even if you are attending the calls and playing the games. From any of the three ways, you can pick up your favorite in the from of widget, notification and floating icon.

Float SMS

Floating SMS App

You will never miss a message if you use this floating touch app because this app will show you the delivered SMS above your screen while you are playing games and doing other tasks. Along with providing you the SMS updates it also shows you the picture and contact number of your favorite person at the top of your android. This app also enables you to quickly reply the current messages.

Floating Calculator Free

Floating Calculator Free App

With this floating touch app you can have a floating calculator along with you all the time. You can set the screen area where you want to see the floating calculator. So if you have the plan for large shopping then pick up this floating touch app to calculate the amounts quickly without going to the formal settings.

nBubble – Notifications in bubblenBubble - Notifications in bubble

This floating touch app allows you to read and respond the (facebook, whatsapp, hangouts, mails and other) messages immediately instead of wasting your time on searching. Whatever applications you are using a stylish chat head bubble will appear on your screen and in a single click you can reach to the notified stuff.

If you want to open your favorite apps quickly, control the screen brightness, volume, ringtones and many other tasks in a single touch then check out the best assistive touch apps and leave the comments.


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