Top 5 Android Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank Apps

Top 5 FingerPrint Lock Screen Simulated Apps for android

Yesterday I watched a funny movie. There was a door where a lock is always seen. But that lock was “broken”, and nobody knows that. Due to this lock, everybody stays away from that room without knowing the reality. Same is the case with the fingerprint lock screen prank apps. These apps will display a fingerprint lock on your screen and let others to think that you have locked your mobile. But in fact, there was no lock, it’s just for recreation.

Every fingerprint lock screen prank app for android has different lock styles but same names. You can use them for giving a new look to your device. Furthermore, these apps are also packed with other stunning features which we will explore in the lines below:

Fingerprint LockScreen Simulated Prank

This is a most famous simulated app because it offers highly professional graphics. Your screen will look as if a genuine fingerprint scanner is put on it for unlocking the mobile. Almost there are fifteen wallpapers. Everyone is attractive. And have cute fingerprint animations along with day, time and date. Password lock is also included.

Best Fingerprint Lock Screen Simuated App For Android

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank

This is another cool app to provide fun with cute screen lock backgrounds. In the center of your screen a fingerprint scanning place will appear and show others that they cannot open your phone without entering the right fingerprints. All process will look original because there will be clock and day name on the wallpaper. Date of that day will also be mentioned. In addition, you can change the time for detecting fingerprints.

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank App

Fingerprint lock screen Prank

This app works just like the above apps but with style. You can use a love, classical, bubble, password and any other locking style. Apart from style, this app gives wallpapers in diverse designs and soothing colors. You can modify the time and date display.  The app uses less battery, have a widget and available in 50 languages.

Best Simulated Apps for Locking Screen With FingerPrints

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank by Kohinoor Apps

This app has very beautiful lock screen wallpapers along with cute fireflies. You can use fingerprint scanner, 4 digits code and any stylish pattern to pretend your phone been locked. The app shows realistic animations, blur and sound effects on unlocking. No one can guess that this is the app used only for fun. Just like real locked screen, time, notifications, day and date is also indicated on graphics.

Beautiful Lock Screen Backgrounds

Space fingerprint style lock screen for prank

Do you want more methods for locking your phone? Then have this fingerprint lock screen prank app for android. You can lock by using pin, long pressing, sliding, scanning and drawing any pattern. Each lock style of this app is based on extremely beautiful wallpapers. Along with calendar and clock, this app also presents the weather of the day.

App for Best Lock Screen Wallpapers

There are many other useful security apps to protect your mobile from others but above explained apps are only for having some laughs and enjoyment. Will you like to use fingerprint lock screen for playing pranks or for securing phone? In comment section, share your views.

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