Top 7 Worst Selfies ever Taken


Selfie! Selfie! Selfie! Tell me one thing is this the only way to impress others or to express your love for yourself?I knew you want to know how beautiful you are looking in your most favorite dress or in your extraordinary posture. But do not make it a sign of mental disorder.


No doubt that some selfies are more appreciated while others are marked as most irritating or nonsensical. If you want to take a selfie then please stay away from taking such kinds of selfies.

Driving selfies

Your attention must be on the road while driving otherwise you can meet any accidental situation. Courtney Sanford was died after posting her selfie on face book. Her happiest moments had turned in to the saddest moments in a few minutes.


So it’s my appeal to all selfie lovers please stop taking a selfie while you are driving.

Duck face selfies

This is a very common type of selfie. If you think so that by twisting and turning your face into some illogical or ridiculous angles, you look beautiful then you are the biggest fool in the world. Is not it better that you decorate your face with a sweet smile instead of caricaturing your face?



Funeral selfies

This is one of the most pathetic selfies. Your love ones had gone far away from you forever and you are just busy in taking your pictures at that critical situation. This shows that you are a selfish person who is devoid of any feelings for the deadly ones.



Sleeping selfies

What’s the purpose of this selfie? Do you want to know how pretty you are looking while sleeping or you want to make others fool by pretending to be sleeping? Whatever, this is a very disgusting selfie.



Toilet selfies

Ah, what had happened to you? There are many impressive places in the world for taking a selfie.  If you like this place for taking such an imposing picture, it reflects your bad choice or taste.

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Crying selfies

Who said to you that you are looking beautiful while crying? And you believe on that person, how stupid are you. A smiling selfie is better than a howling selfie.



Extreme selfies

Oh, do you want to make a world record of  taking such selfies which shows that you are not in your senses?



If you think it make you more popular then it’s your fault.



This young girl had died because of losing her balance on the bridge while taking a selfie.



To conclude my article I want to say, please do not take such selfies which can harm your life.




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