7 Best Sunset Live Wallpaper Apps for Android to See Colorful Sky

7 Best Sunset Live Wallpaper Apps for Android to See Colorful Sky

Sunset scene is always admiring. At this special moment, the sky is full of colors. The whole scene has a magical charm and looks more beautiful as compare to rainbow. But due to our work routines, often we missed such beauty. Anyways here I have a solution for you, to watch the sunset at any time. Download the following sunset live wallpaper apps on your android and see the sunset from all around the world. You can see sunset in different seasons and from different points such as from the sea, beach, hills, buildings, forests and other landscapes. The biggest collection of sunset pictures is included in these apps.

Let’s check out. Here we have created the list of top 5 sunset live wallpaper apps which are easy to get from the Play store.

Perfect Sunset Live Wallpaper

This app gives you the unique and clear pictures of the sunset which vary in scene and location. Each nature image is excellent and best to reflect the sunset beauty. These live wallpapers look great on all screen orientations.Perfect Sunset Live Wallpaper

Sunset Beach Live Wallpaper

From a lot of popular sunset sights, the beach scene comes at first. Because here you see the rays falling into the water and creating an amazing atmosphere to let you feel relaxed. That’s why this app only shows you the animated photos of the wonderful sunset at beach. You can listen to the sounds, view the moving water and enjoy the whole scene with realistic effects. This sunset live wallpaper app also allows you to automatically change the brightness and the wallpapers, according to the time.Sunset Beach Live Wallpaper

Sunset Windmill Live Wallpaper

In this app, you will see the sunset in red, orange, purple, yellow and many other colors. The windmill will turn, birds will fly, trees will dance, and grass will move. From 5 of the best scenes, you can set the one which you want to see on your device. Gesture effects are also included.Sunset Windmill Live Wallpaper

Sunset Hill Free Live Wallpaper

This app lets you to see the sunset from hill sides. There are trees, flying sparrows, night stars and snow fall to make the sunset scene more alluring. In beautiful voices, you can listen to the bird’s greetings. Observe the changing color of the sky and enjoy the parallax effects. The great thing is that, you can get this app in free and paid versions too.Sunset Hill Free Live Wallpaper

Fantasy Sunset Live Wallpaper

Fantasy sunset live wallpaper app is packed with an awesome collection of 3D backgrounds. You can see sunset in multiple colors, from different places and from various landscapes. These wallpapers are unique and beautifully depict the grace of sunset.Fantasy Sunset Live Wallpaper

Sunset Live Wallpaper

This app has many beautiful pictures of the scene when the sun is going to disappear, and the sky is changing its colors. You can see the beauty of sunset from trees, ocean, mountains and other areas. To make the scene more realistic, there are flying birds. This app also lets you to change the flying speed and birds’ numbers. If you do not like the animations, then you can also use these pictures as static wallpapers.Sunset Live Wallpaper

Ocean Sunset Live Wallpaper

To view the sunset while standing in front of a huge ocean, comforts your soul and boost up your mind. In this app, you will see more than 8 HD backgrounds that perfectly shows the reflection of sunset in water. The water moves, create waves, the sun shines and colors spread on sky. In short, the whole scene looks magnificent.Ocean Sunset Live Wallpaper

Do you have ever observed the sunset from your roof, window and terrace? Does this scene have some effects upon you? I personally leave everything at this time and ran to the stairs to catch the real glimpse of sunset. For some moments, I feel sad because the day has come to an end, but the thought of a new sunrise makes me happy again. What’s you experience? Will you like to share it with us?

Feel free to tell us about your favorite sunset scene (from the above collection). Do you like to have the sunset live wallpapers or any other beautiful wallpapers? Do not forget to leave your feedback.

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