Best Android Apps to Color Your Black and White Photos

Best Android Apps to Color your Black and White Photos

In the past the camera technology is not as much advanced as now. If you see the films and photos of the early 16s and 17s then you will observe that they all were in black and white color. But now in the 21st century, you got the special cameras in your mobiles to quickly take the photos with colors and effects. Even the android mobiles also let you to change the colors of your pictures according to your desires. You can remove and add your favorite colors on black and white pictures to make them new and beautiful.

Below you will find the best photo color changer apps that are very much popular among the android users. Let’s start with the top one.

Photo Art – Color EffectsPhoto Art - Color Effects

Photo Art is best for all those people who want to color their black and white photos. Your old photos will become new and original. You can use more than 30 special effects like sepia, tint, colorize, pixelize, mosaic, blur and much more. This app also lets you to turn your pictures into real paintings and artistic sketches.

Color Splash FXColor Splash FX

Color Splash FX is the next great app that allows you to add colors in your black and white pictures. You can get a lot of standard colors like green, yellow, blue, red and more. Your old pictures will look beautiful and colored as if you were taken them now. This app also lets you to color some special parts of your pictures, apply gray effects, use brushes and gestures to color with style.

Color Touch EffectsColor Touch Effects

This photo color changer app provides you black, white, sepia and many other color effects. You can change the size and backgrounds of your selected pictures. This app also enables you to move the pictures with fingers, add text, paint and splash them as you wish.

Color Splash PhotoColor Splash Photo

This photo color changer app gives you many interesting features such as you can recolor your black and white pictures, add splash, blur, gray and many other cute effects on them. If you do not like the changes then you can also get back your original picture. This app also lets you to increase the image quality, zoom and crop it up to your choice.

Color Splash EffectColor Splash Effect

With this photo color changer app, you can get a variety of colors to make your pictures unique. You can selectively color on some parts of your photos while the other picture will remain black and white. This app also helps you to utilize the color effects, filters and a lot of photo editing tool like zoom, redo and undo etc.

Does these apps are enough to color your black and white photos? Or do you like to use another color changer app? Do not forget to share with Newzoogle.

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