Top 7 Awesome Call Recorder Apps for Android



Some people have the habit to forget the things and later they spend many hours in remembering that thing. For example, if you are the busiest person then there are many chances that you will forget what someone has said to you on a phone call? In that cases the Android apps will help you a lot. You can record the important calls and can use them as future evidence. Many business men especially the psychiatrists prefer to record the conversation of their clients instead of writing it.

Below there is the list of top 7 best phone call recorder apps.

Call Recorder

It is a very easy to use call recorder app. You just have to push the button and the recorder app will start its work immediately. Other person will not receive a single sign that you are recording his\her call in the background. You can put a password to your important recorded conversations. In case of data lose you can get the backup from the Dropbox.

Automatic Call Recorder

This call recorder app works according to your desires. You can record the most essential calls and save them on Dropbox and Google Drive. After recording the calls, you can add your personal views about the call as a future reminder. You can set the size of the inbox for giving more places to the recordings. You can also attend the calls without recording them.

All Call Recorder

It will not be difficult to record the calls by having this app. It has the ability to record all the incoming and outgoing calls and saves them in 3GP files. You can also have the backup of all recorded calls on Dropbox and Google Drives.

Galaxy Call Recorder

This is especially designed for Samsung 3/2 and Galaxy 3/2. It allows you to record the calls from both sides. The call recordings will be disabled by using Bluetooth and headphone. You can delete the older calls for giving place to more recordings.

galaxy call recorder
Total Recall Call Recorder

Total Recall Call Recorder is best for all the Android rooted devices. You can record the calls in any language like English, German, and French etc. it helps you to record all the calls or some specific calls. You can store recordings in any format. You can pin up your recordings by using strong passwords.

You can select the best passwords from the Top 7 Password Manager Apps for Android.

Call Recorder ACR

It is the most demanded call recorder. You can easily record all the incoming and outgoing calls. The app has the ability to automatically rub out the oldest recordings. So you can save your recordings on different Cloud Services. You can record the call in any format like 3GP, MP3 etc.

acr call recorder
RMC: Android Call Recorder

This is a very easy to use Android call recording app. All calls will be saved in the memory card. For getting more clear voice; you have to turn on the loud speaker of your phone. You can also recollect your recordings from Dropbox and Google Drives.

It will always be good for you to check the call recorder before buying it. Do not forget to tell us about your choice.

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