Top 5 Trends Transforming Auto Parts Industry in 2021

Transforming Auto Parts Trends in 2021

We are all witnessing the dramatic changes in the automotive industry for the past couple of years. Vehicles of this decade are more advanced and secure for the drivers and pedestrians. The involvement of technology in this industry grooming it a lot and increasing the demands of vehicles by rising customer preferences.

The automobile afterparts are also climbing the heights of new sales every year. Customers will have a huge variety to buy auto parts or other accessories for the vehicles manufactured in 2021 or beyond. Different degrees and quality of auto parts are available for different price ranges.

The most surprising things are the numbers as according to the estimations the aftermarket part business will achieve more than 720 billion dollars in the upcoming year.

The new materials along with advanced technology are playing a huge part in that rise. The digital marketing techniques along with Ecommerce platforms are used to attract the vehicle owner and lure them to buy these auto parts. Well, who doesn’t love louder engine sound, better mileage, and more sparkling wheels?

Top 5 Trends to transform the auto parts industry

Here are the top trends of the aftermarket parts industry of 2021. In case you are looking for a car rental Dubai company in Dubai, choose RentalcarsUAE for professional services and affordable rates.

  • E-commerce and aftermarket auto parts
  • Increased automation and electrification
  • Using mobile technology
  • Vehicle age is increased
  • Ecommerce giants Amazon & eBay take over

E-commerce and aftermarket auto parts

Auto Parts Industry in 2021

The marketing and sales terms are changed a lot recently. Many people rely on the internet when they choose to buy anything or service. Digital marketing agencies are transforming the way and controlling buyer decisions will. Not only that, many businesses are relying on online sales now by creating their own eCommerce store.

The customers read reviews or watch product videos before making a final buying decision. Also, they are besieged with digital marketing on their phones and laptops. Many websites in this niche are the fastest-growing segments of this industry.

Many websites are built in such a way that customers can easily check everything including tires, wheels, and vehicle types. After they’re done with choosing the required parts, they can easily buy them online or contact the retailer. Although information and service-based websites are doing best in this field.

Using mobile technology

As mentioned above, the aftermarket auto parts industry is grabbing customers by using e-commerce and digital marketing strategies. Many auto manufacturing companies are now making driving and owning an automobile a lot easier. They are offering user manuals and all other required information in the smartphones so that the user can retrieve the required information easily.

According to the study, the users first go to the car manufacturer’s website to get all the information and warranty details. The majority of users check if the new part is going to adjust with their vehicle or not. While others want detailed information about the installation. Some websites like CARID are offering the best products and services so you can choose this website if you are going to change your auto parts.

Increased automation and electrification

AfterMarket Trends

The increased use of automation and electrification have revolutionized the modern auto repair industry. Not only that, but it is also emphasizing the auto repair shops to use modern technology so that they can meet the needs of modern vehicles. Also, the increase in technology means more opportunities for the aftermarket auto part market. They have also developed new injection systems to develop turbocharges and implement new power plants. Moreover, the owners will be quite confident to get their vehicles done by these technology-oriented auto repair shops.

Vehicle age is increased

It is one of the most positive trends of the automotive industry like how the vehicle ages are going to increase. The average age of the vehicle is more than 11 years while the old autos remain on the road for much longer (due to repair). The positive thing is that the age of the vehicle has increased by 14% in the past 6 years. The manufacturers are quite competitive to make the best autos, so the user won’t need any spare parts or car mechanics for a long time.

Ecommerce giants Amazon & eBay take over

The big e-commerce industry giants are involved in selling auto parts. Many huge businesses use these major platforms to increase the sales of their brand. Although, the idea of a self-eCommerce store is fascinating (it needs a lot of time and hard work) so many companies have already given up and switched towards Amazon and eBay entirely.

Creating the seller or vendor store is easy. The next step is to upload the products to the store with all the product specifications and proper images. The response is good as people trust these eCommerce platforms more than smaller businesses. These huge marketplaces are discovering their paths to get successful in this competitive online market.

Final thoughts

Transformations in Auto Parts Industry

Decades before the automobiles were simple without any computer technology installed inside. But now, times have changed a lot, and buying an auto part is not a daunting task anymore. Thanks to the extensive version of different technologies that make it happen.

The future of the aftermarket auto parts industry is quite bright. The supply and manufacturing process are also changed a lot. The concept of Artificial intelligence is totally involved in the manufacturing process to boost production. The improvement of shipping on the international level has also increased the demand and trends of auto parts.

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