The Best Android OXO Game to Boost Your Brain

In school days whenever the teacher did not come, me and my friends start to play Noughts and Crosses. Even we have such a craze for this game that we draw the grids on chair’s arm or benches instead of pen and paper. Actually, this game gave us so much fun and enjoyment which all of us miss even in these days. But thanks to the modern technology and android which let us to revive those sweet childhood memories. Although there are many games available on mobile but OXO Game is best in this regard. As it is very much realistic, while sitting far away from each other, we all friends are able to play the game just like we play in school. So, if you also want to freshen up your memories and to boost up your brain then OXO Game will definitely appeal you. Let’s know some key points about this game:

The game’s title is very expressive, and anybody can easily guess what it offers. You have to form the word OXO on your turn. More OXO you form more pints you win. In this way, this game seems to be just like a Tic-tac-toe which all of us love. Only two players are required for it.

OXO Word Creation Game for Android

Before starting the game, you have to select the grid size. There are multiple sizes. Some are small and some are large. For example, 3×3, 5×5 and 8×8 etc. To pick a big grid, lets you carry on the game for hours and have more fun. A small grid has more chances to win easily and enjoy little chunks of happiness. So, once you expert in creating oxo, then in any grid, you can show your talent.

All grids are square in shape and lets you form OXO combinations in different angles like horizontal, vertical and diagonal. So, you just have to focus on the oxo creation and know from which side you can easily make it.

The game’s aim is to train your brain and make it active. Your mind will learn how to produce sequences. There will be clarity in your thoughts. As each grid is clear and put comforting effect on your thought even creating oxo (in required direction) also puts great effect on your brain.  In different matters of life, you will be able to easily get the solutions. As in grids, your mind and eyes move to see the directions for forming the word oxo. Similarly, in any tough situation, you will get the way to pass through. Once you got success in making oxo, your mind will persuade you to create the next one too. In this way, the urge for getting success in life will automatically immerse in you. So, this OXO Game is good for both adults and kids of any age.

OXO Puzzle Game

The game is easy and based on various game modes so you can play it up to your mood. Although two people are needed for this but if you are alone and have no companion then this OXO Game lets you start playing game with Pc. So, you will never be bored and always have a virtual player with you. Sitting in friends get together, you can also play it on same or different devices.

Each and every feature of this OXO game is captivating even its design is also remarkable. It is free too. So, have it and play it to improve your brain, pass your time and entertain yourself and your friends by sharing it. Also remember to share your experience with us about this amazing OXO game.

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