4 Best Android Color Identifier Apps to Know Color Names

4 Best Color Identifier Apps for Android To Know Color Names

Sometimes it happened that we like a thing and want to praise its beauty but feel difficulty to explain about its color. Often it is due to an eyesight problem or our unfamiliarity about color names. Yes, red, green, blue, yellow, pink, black and white are the name of colors about which all of us know very well. In a single look, we identify them that the thing is in red or green color, but do you know that there is a great list of colors that emerge from these basic colors. With the help of color identifier apps for android, you can easily know any type of color name. Simply, capture the photo and the color identifier app will tell you the name of color. So, detecting colors will be easy for you.

These color identifier apps also inform about color codes and other important aspects that can help you a lot if you are an artist, painter, designer and a color lover. You can test all of them or select the one up to your wishes.

Color Grab (color detection)

Best Color Detector App for AndroidAnyone who works with colors and searching for such app that boost up their coloring sense, must try Color Grab. Because it provides you a complete guide and special tools for mixing colors, creating combinations and refining colors. If you are confused about the color name, then this color identifier app will speak the color name along with its details. For this, you can take picture, zoom on the desired part and turn on the lights for correctly recognizing the colors.

Color Grab also enables you to convert colors, make impressive color matching and know about various color models.

Quick Color Identifier App

ON Color Measure

App For Measuring ColorsDo not worry, if you are not aware about all the color names or if you are having a color-blind issue. Have this color identifier app and see the name of any color about which you did not decide. For example, often you think that it is blue color, but it also seems like indigo, sky blue, ultramarine and azure etc. So, in such situation, this color identifier app can assist you to detect the exact color.

Anywhere on the picture, you can focus to know about the color you need. This color identifier app also gives you the color details including HTML, HSV and RGB values etc.

App For Identifying Colors

Color Identification

Correct Color Detecting App On MobileMajority of us only know the names of 7 to 10 colors and when we saw new colors then we try to relate them with the colors that we know. For instance, if we saw carmine color then we will explain it that it is like maroon or red color. So, to avoid this ambiguity have this color identifier app for android. With this app you can know the names of more than 1500 colors with pictures and codes.

Instead of taking pictures, you can use live camera view to recognize color of your favorite object. This color identifier app will also tell you about the colors that has same shades but with a little difference.

App That Tell The Correct Color Name

Color Detector

App For Color Blind People To Detect ColorsThis color detector app enables you to easily find the name of any color just by capturing images. HTML, RGB and other color values will also be displayed so you can get all information related to the color you like.

If you are interested to enhance your knowledge about colors, then this color identifier app is best because it lets you know the names of 1600 different colors that exist around you.

Color Identifier App

So, these are some of the best apps which you can use for recognizing colors. Do you know other best color identifier apps for android which are not included here? Inform us in comments.

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