What is Google Glass? And How It Works?

Google Glass is a hot topic. Every day we get different news about it. Google has made its identity in introducing new technologies and now has entered into the world of “wearable computers”.

Google Glass

It is not a new topic for discussion. The discussions about it have been carrying on for two centuries ago. It has become the most necessary part of science fiction movies.

“Wearable computers” had changed its shapes according to the time. In its initial stages it was shaped like a ring. By wearing the ring many calculations can be done in seconds. The wristwatches are also come in the category of “wearable computers”. But the original wearable computers came in to being in 1980.

    Steve Mann cannot be forgotten in the discussion of wearable computers. He is the person who has been examining the wearable computers from 1980. He is also called the founder of many wearable computers. In 1981 he had prepared a complete multimedia wearable computer in the form of Backpack. This computer was based on 6502 micro processors and had the facility of text, graphics and videos. In 1994 Steve Mann had become successful in making wearable wireless web came. It will not be wrong to say it the “first life logging device”.

As the computer technology has been progressed, the new forms of wearable computers are also come in to being. Almost every big company especially the companies which are related to computer industries had critically examined the wearable computers. In 2010 EEE and IETF had fixed the criteria of WPAN and WBAN. This was a struggle to give place to wearable computers under one umbrella.

Sonny had introduced a Smart Watch which can be connected to any android phone and Twitter feed and SMS can be seen on it. Apple is also busy in making such a Smart Watch.

On the other hand Google according to its “Project glass” is busy in giving the final shape to Google Glass. This is the most wonderful and beautiful form of wearable computers. It was available in five different colors and it also has a kit of sunglass.

The trial of this program was started in April 2012.Sargy Barn is the person who is patronizing the “project glass” and in different occasions he had presented the practical work of Google Glass. The most famous incident was occurred in 27 June 2012 when in Google l/O conference he had used the Google Glass and with the help of Google hang out he live talked to mountain bikers and abseilers.

Google had started a glass explorer program for the testing of Google Glass. According to this program entries were invited from the general public. The people who were selected by Google were asked to take part in Google Glass events and they can get the developer edition of Google Glass by paying $1500.

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