Top Android Apps to Find Cheap Gas Stations near You


Are you looking for the cheap gas? Do you want to know the best gas station near you? These types of questions come into your mind in two cases: firstly, when your pocket weight is low and secondly, when you are travelling in a new and unfamiliar city. To help you in both situations, android developers have produced amazing apps to quickly search the cheap gas stations near you. These apps also enable you to compare the gas prices and get the best in low rates.

In this article, Newzoogle have listed up the six cheap gas finder apps for android to save your time and money.

GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gasgasbuddy-find-cheap-gas

GasBuddy is a worldwide famous cheap gas finder app because it gives reliable services. Whatever place you are, it quickly shows you the nearest gas stations to fill up your vehicle and carry on your journey. You can easily know the gas stations according to the distance and gas prices. GasBuddy provides you the real time information about the gas prices and also enables you to inform others about the current gas prices and earn free gas as a reward.

Gas Guru: Cheap gas pricesgas-guru-cheap-gas-prices

Gas Guru is the next cheap gas finder app that tells you about all the gas stations that offer the gas in low rates. You can easily compare the gas prices and fuel grades to quickly locate the best gas station around you. You can use the maps to follow up the directions and go to your favorite hotels, ATMs and auto repair shops. This app also allows you to save your most visited locations for future use.

Fuelio: Gas log & costsfuelio-gas-log-costs

Along with finding the nearest gas station, fuelio also helps you to control your car expenses. You can know how much fuel is eaten up by your car per hour and distance. You can easily record the fuel consumption, gas prices and repair cost. This app also shows you the maps, charts and statistics to know the total fill ups, mileage and fuel economy etc.

YP – Yellow Pages local searchyp-yellow-pages-local-search

This is an amazing app that lets you to quickly find the cheap gas station that is close to you. You can compare the gas rates and easily locate the fuel you need. With YP, you can online book the tables for parties; order your favorite food, get the movie tickets and know the show times. This app also helps you to search the best doctors, salons, auto repair services and many other locations of your choice.

Will you please like to tell us about your favorite cheap gas finding app for android? Does any of the above app help you in the needy hours? Newzoogle is impatiently waiting for your reply via comments.

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