Top 7 Best Love Calculator Apps for Android to Test Your Love

Top 7 Love Calculator Apps for Android to Test your Love

Do you want to know that your love is true? Are you looking for the perfect match? Then you are in the right place because here Newzoogle will discuss the best love calculator apps for android. These apps will help you to estimate the love between you and your partner. Simply enter your name and your partner’s name and know the reality.

But remember that sometimes two plus two is not equal to four. Time, distance and absence are the best tools to unveil the true love but for all this you have to wait which is a very difficult task so love test calculator apps quickly show the progress of your love and somehow also aware you about the future of your love. So have fun and continue the reading because:

Below are the best love calculator apps for android which are easily available in the Google Play Store.

Love calculator by MobilPlugLove calculator by MobilPlug

This is a top lover calculator app because it gives you three options to test your love. You can use the names, fingerprints and a birth date of your and your friend’s to get the perfect results. From astrological point of view, this app also tells you about the love compatibility between your stars.

Real Love Test CalculatorReal Love Test Calculator

Real love calculator app tests your love from different angles and tries to give you the right information. You can match your photos, lucky numbers, fingerprints, names and date of births. With reference to horoscope, this app also informs you about the future of your love affinities.

Love Test CalculatorLove Test Calculator

For a quick, fastest and reliable results, must pick up this love calculator app. Here you will have to do a simple love test based on names and birthdates. You can get 60 questions to know the happiness, trust and intimacy levels. This app also gives many sweet love quotes and golden rules to win the heart of your loved ones.

Love CalculatorLove Calculator

Many android users prefer to use this love calculator app for android because it has unique features to test your love and emotional intensities. By entering your names and date of births, you can get the test results in short sentences, colored graphs and correct percentages along with romantic melodies.

Love TesterLove Tester

This app has a very romantic interface and lets you to easily test your love by writing your names in two separate boxes and gets the combine results in the form of percentage. This love calculator app also allows you to test your love with famous artist and royal personalities.

Love Test Names

Love Test Names

According to the formula of 1132 years algorithm, this love calculator app shows you the best love reports up to the names of you and your love. You can check the love relationship between girls and girls, boys and boys or boys and girls.

Your Love Test CalculatorYour Love Test Calculator

This love calculator app works up to the numerical algorithms to verify the love bonds among you and your friends. As you enter the names, the results will quickly appear on the screen to show your love affinity and its percentage.

Although true love does not need any kind of test but do you have ever tried any of the above love calculator apps for android to entertain your freinds or zodiac love compatibility calculator? Are these apps giving you the satisfactory results? I am impatiently waiting for your feedback via comments.

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