New Android Releases: The Best Apps of Summer 2021

Earlier, summertime was associated with hitting the beach, having garden picnics, road trips, and much more. But in the past few years, Android users associate summers with the release of new and exciting apps that are rolled out every year.

If you are also a diehard Android fan, you will also be eagerly awaiting the release of new apps in summer 2021, and we have got it all for you. We bring you a roundup of the best apps that have been released this year, so let’s dive in.

The Best Android Apps of Summer 2021

Let’s have a look at the newest and best android apps that should be on your watch list for this summer.

BFG OnTrail

The first app on our list is exclusively for hikers and hiking enthusiasts. The BFG OnTrail is an interactive and user-friendly Android app that gives you complete information and location for all of the trails that you can find in a predefined radius. You can find a trail and explore it until you are done, and then you can use the app for finding further trails.

With the BFG OnTrail, the hiking fun never ends. It also contains helpful and credible information regarding trails, which are contributed by fellow hikers and experts. Plus, the app also allows you to add photos and videos of your hiking trips, view the map using various filters, and also record your path along the trails that you scale. This is definitely one app that you should download if you are looking for summer hiking journeys.

BFG OnTrails


Clubhouse is one of the most sought after and hyped up Android app this summer. Its iOS version has been around for a little more than a year, but the Android app has quickly become hugely popular, particularly after it was mentioned by some prominent people, such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates. If you don’t have an idea of what the app does, we will fill you in on it.

Clubhouse lets you host your own talks and allow people to join in and listen to them. Moreover, you can also join talks that have been hosted by your friends or other people, and you can also contribute to the discussion with your input. Although most people are saying that the Android app doesn’t perform as well as the iOS app, the developers are working to ensure that this doesn’t happen any longer.



Since collaboration apps are all the rage right now, another new collaboration app on Android is DrawPortal, which is a drawing app that allows you to draw various designs, images, shapes and much more. You can do this on your own, or you can also invite your friends to collaborate on your designs. For a drawing app, DrawPortal has a wide range of useful features, such as transparent layers, panning, undo, and ambidextrous settings for your ease of use.

DrawPortal is generally free, but you can unlock a myriad of amazing features by paying a very small free to upgrade. It is a fun app that allows you to collaborate with your friends while sitting at home.


One Swipe Notes

Another useful new Android app is One Swipe Notes, which isn’t your usual reminder and to-do app. It makes use of floating notepads and windows that pop out on your screen. You can program the app to bring out the note when you swipe the screen in a particular direction, and you can enter your notes and swipe it away once again.

One Swipe Notes also features a calendar, various functions for to-do lists, reminders, and much more. It is a particularly useful tool that you should definitely download on your Android smartphone. Although these are a few bugs, the developers are working keenly to resolve them as soon as possible.

OneSwipe Notes


This list simply can’t be completed without a photography app, and the Pokadota Android app is our top pick for this summer’s new releases. It is a new and advanced camera app that allows you to print out your photos. It has the same concept as those traditional cameras that printed out the image as soon as it was taken.

With Pokadota, you buy a roll of “virtual film” that emulates the film that was used in the earlier days for taking photos. Then, you use the app to take pictures, which are hidden from view just like it happens in traditional cameras. Once you send the print command, the company will print your photos and send them to you. This emulates the feeling of taking a picture and not knowing how it will turn out until it gets printed.Pokadota

Sketch 360

Sketch 360 is a new drawing Android app that has been developed by Microsoft. It is highly unique in the fact that it allows you to make drawings in a 360-degree panorama. Once you have drawn everything, you can swipe all around the panorama and see what you have drawn. Moreover, the app also allows you to print your designs on the real world and move your phone around to experience the curved canvas.

Overall, Sketch 360 is a fun app that will help you pass the time nicely, and you can also use it to perfect your doodling and sketching skills.

Sketch 360


Last but not least, we bring you the Android version of Skoove, an AI-powered app that has been making waves for helping people learn how to play the piano while sitting in the comfort of their homes. It has a myriad of advanced features and functions that help you learn all the basic and advanced techniques of playing the piano, including theory, notes, chords, scales, and much more.

Skoove Piano Learning App

And that’s all we have for you on the top new Android apps that have been released in summer 2021. There are some exciting apps that have been recently released, and you can expect more amazing apps to be released in the coming days, so stay tuned and keep waiting!

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