5 Reliable Spy Apps for Android to Know the Truth

5 Reliable Spy Apps for Android to Know the Truth

It is human instinct to know about others. For this purpose: sometimes we hire a skilled person, sometimes we do it by ourselves and sometimes cameras do the best. But when it comes to handy devices especially the mobile phones then spy apps or software are great to let you know what your kids are doing on their mobiles, where are they now, are your employees sincere to work or how much loyal is your life partner. These and many other types of questions will be clear to you if you select a trustworthy spy app for android. There is a large range of spy apps and often you spend hours in making the right choice. So, to save your time here are the top 7 spy apps for android.

Hope these apps will provide you the right information at the right time to protect your relations and to give you the peace of mind. The great thing is that these spy apps are available in affordable prices. Let’s know more.


GuestSpy is best for parents, businessmen and any other person who is suspicious about others. With this app, you can read the text messages, record the phone calls, access the contact numbers and see the photos or videos saved in the target device. GuestSpy informs you about an individual’s online chattings, internet activities, upcoming events and places where they are.

This app also protects your data and enables you to track more than one device in different but reasonable price packages.


Hoverwatch invisibly monitors all the incoming and outgoing calls and sms. You can know about the social media messages including viber, facebook, Whatsapp and others. Even you can see the visited websites, take the screenshots, get the saved numbers and much more. This spy app for android also aware you about the plans and locations even if the SIM card is changed.

At a time, this app can work on more than five devices. From three of the best packages, you can pick up the one you need.


With a lot of interesting features, SpyFone is the next top tracking app. It helps you to know each and everything that is done on your target device such as you can read the SMS content, watch the pictures, track the browsing history and monitor the conversations made on various social channels. This app also lets you to remotely control the phone and easily block the unwanted websites, apps and calls.

By using SpyFone, you can listen to the surrounding voices, find real-time locations and have reports of the frequent used contacts. This app is available in different prices along with different facilities.


Due to its remarkable features, MamaBear has win the hearts of millions of parents as it informs you about the driving speed of your kids, lets you review the text messages and track their presence on multiple social networks. You can know the words they use in their chats. This app also provides you the alerts when your child leaves the home and arrives at the school. In short, whenever you want, you can know their whereabouts.

Anyone can easily afford MamaBear to attain comfort.


If your device is rooted or non-rooted this spy app works best on both. It offers more than thirty services for tracking: messages, calls, geo-fencing, keystrokes, social media chats, photos, calendar, contact list and notes etc. With iKeyMonitor, you can set the time when your kids can use the mobile.

This app also supports app blocking, various languages and many more to provide you the best in less rates.

During our research on app spy topics, we have visited countless sites but none is better than the toptrackingapps.com, probably they have best tracking apps listed. We recommend you to have a look on their list as well.

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