Rio 2019 brings the Best Apps to Enjoy Olympics on your Android



This article is dedicated to all the sports fans who are very much excited to watch the Summer Games Olympic Games. I am also one of the great Olympic lovers but the busiest social activities make it difficult for me to stay up to date with the current state of Olympics. But now I do not want to miss more moments that’s why I have installed the best Olympic game apps on my android phone. These apps give me the feelings as if I am actually watching the Summer Games Olympics. So it will also be best for you to pick up the top Olympic Game app for android and enjoy the games whenever and wherever you want. Some of these apps also show you the live Olympics while the others give you the detailed information about the athletes, schedules, medals and results.

Google Play Store has a variety of Olympic game apps for android but here Newzoogle will discuss the top Olympic game apps that will give you the real-time Olympic updates.

365Scores – Live Scores

live scrore


Many android users love to use this app to follow the Olympic sports and events. You can get the real time alerts and notifications when your favorite team makes the scores. You can see the videos, hot news and medal records of your most wanted athletics. This app also displays the live match statistics, tables, lineups, goals and fixtures on your phone and smartwatches.

It is an amazing Olympic game app that informs you about the old and new Olympic results. You can know the complete timetable of different Olympic sections and easily manage your time before the start of your favorite sports. This Olympic Game app also introduces you with all sports disciplines and their key roles.


BBC Sport

BBC Sport

BBC Sport enables you to easily stay connected with your favorite sports all around the world. You can listen to the commentaries, view the score board, stream the live videos, read the critical reviews and get the notifications of your most wanted sports like football and volleyball etc.

This is a very special Olympic app for android because it gives you the details only about the team which represents your country. You can quickly track the performance of your country players and their achievements. This app also lets you to easily compare the past and future results of your state representatives.

theScore: Live Sports Scores, News, Stats & Videos

live score and video app



theScore is a customizable sports app that lets you to follow your favorite team and athletes of summer games. You will receive the notifications and live updates of your selected players. This app also shows you the breaking news related to all the games and events.


hto star app

With Hotstar you can live watch the summer Olympics. You can stream the live videos, scores, updates and exclusive Olympic highlights. You can change the video quality according to your internet capacity. Hotstar is also famous for watching movies, TV shows and drama series. It shows you the exclusive videos, pictures and current news about the athletes, their team and medals. You can get the results country by country and play by play. This app provides you information about the previous and upcoming game schedules, times and days. Hotstar can also become your best journey companion as it gives you tips and guidance to collect the best memories from your visit to Olympics.

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