Top 7 Screen Filter Apps for Android to Protect Your Eyes (Updated 2019)

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To use the mobiles, tablets and computers is essential in these days but to take care of eyes is also important to take part in the walk of life. It is right that we cannot stay away from these technical devices because we need them in every step of life that’s why a person with “eye glasses” also seems to be busy on screens. But after all health is wealth so you should not ignore your eyes. It will be better to use screen filter apps for android in case, you spend a lot of time on your phones. These apps will protect your eyes, provide you different filters and serve you with different screen light dimmer options because:

Eyes are a very precious gift of God. Nobody wants to spoil this gift. Being a person of 21 century, we daily interact with our android devices for different purposes like playing games, watching movies etc. Many researchers have exposed the reality that the smart phone generates such colorful and bright displays which can damage your eyes. If you use your phone before going into bed for a limited time then its ok otherwise the matter is very serious. All you need to do is to install the screen filter apps on your android. Screen filter apps have the ability to reduce the brightness effects on your eyes. These screen filter apps are reliable and free from harm. If you have the habit of constantly using internet or reading online books at night then the screen filter app for android will become your first priority.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

This is the best and top screen filter app that gives you 7 types of filters from which you can choose the filter you feel comfortable. By using these filters, there will be no eye pain or eye stress in your eyes because all filter colors are natural. This app also lets you to dim the blue light, make the schedules and set the icon on status bar for enable or disable filters.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode, Eye Care

This is one of the most recommended screen filter apps for android because it provides you natural filters such as night shift, lamp, candlelight and many more. You can change the light levels, modify the color temperature, fix the filter times and easily turn the blue light into soft light. This blue light filter app is ideal for people who love to read at night and day times.

Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Eye Care

Darker (Screen Filter)

Darker screen filter helps you to reduce the screen brightness to a level which is perfect for your eyes. You can set the screen color for your convenience. It’s in app purchase offer many unique features like auto on and off, buttons to adjust the brightness level and quick toggles.

darker screen filter

Eye Guard – Screen Filter

Eye safe guard screen filter app offers optimized algorithm for filtering the harmful rays. It gives natural and clean effects to your filtered screen display. You can select the screen colors and set the times according to the environment. It has the ability to run smoothly without disturbing the other applications.EyeGuard Screen Filter

Night Filter Pro

This screen filter app for android allows you to read your favorite books or any other stuff at night without feeling a stress on your eyes. It will adjust the screen brightness to a moderate level. You can add shortcuts to your home screen in a very short time. You can set the times when you want to use the screen filter.

night filter pro

ColorScreen Filter

It is one of the best screen filter apps for android. You can select the color themes like red, grey, sunset and many others. Each color theme has different functions. For example, the grey color will automatically reduce the screen brightness without using any other color.Color Screen Filter

Best Auto Display Filter

This screen filter app is packed with a lot of amazing features. It has the ability to automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the environment for your convenience. It also offers different modes like night mode and sleep mode.

best auto display filter

Screen Balance

Screen Balance will reduce the brightness of your android screen from 15% to 100%. You can use two different colors for making a sweet contrast. It also allows you to quickly adjust the brightness settings, use color tints and enjoy various themes.Screen Balance

Anti Blue Light Screen Filter

Anti blue light screen filter is a very easy to use android app. It protects your eyes from harsh blue light effects. It enables you to set the blue light interception and screen brightness. Its battery usage is very low.

anti blue light screen filter
Tell us about the screen filter app that you will use on your android phones.

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