Top 7 Android Metal Detector Apps that Works Well

metal detector application

Time is a very important thing and nobody wants to waste it. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of hours in searching the items which you have accidentally dropped on the ground. It can be any metal component like keys, USB, hair pin, needle and anything else. If you have downloaded the metal detector apps on your android device (equipped with magnetic sensor) then you can easily find out your lost items hidden in the ground or darkness. These Metal detector apps for android let you to save your time as well as mind peace. Remember that a damage sensor or electronic equipments are a big hurdle in finding the lost metal objects.

In this article I want to throw light on best metal detector apps for android.

Metal Detector

By default all the android devices have internal magnetic sensors. You can activate this sensor by using the metal detector application. Whenever you will near the metal, the value of magnetic sensor will increase and help you to find the concealed item. You can also guess whether there is electrical wire in the wall or iron pipes in the ground.

metal detector2

Metal Detector (Beta)

This app is loved by millions of users because it provides you very realistic and satisfied results. Within few minutes, it scans or identify all the precious metals and let you to get them quickly. The interface of this app is very stylish.

Metal Detector (Beta)

Metal Sniffer and Metal Detector with sound

It is the best metal detector app for android. Your phone will vibrate when it detects the metal. The compass mode will point towards the exact direction where the metal is placed and you will listen the sound of alarm too. You can also view the magnetic readings from the charts.Metal Sniffer and Metal Detector

Metal Detector by Rayyan

This metal detector has a very initiative and user friendly interface. It is available in both analog and digital form. The default value of the metal detector will gradually change when it identifies the metal across you. You can also alter the sound value of alarm or vibration for quick and secret searching.Metal Detector by Rayyan

Metal Detector by Dexati

This metal detector allows you to easily access the usual or unusual metals from the earth. The magnetic field value of your phone’s sensor will change and will give you alerts on findings. You can also detect the items which are made of steel, gold and iron etc. This app is also best to know EMF values.

Metal Detector by Dexati

Metal Detector PRO

It is a very easy to use metal detector app for android. You simply need to connect your device with a selfie stick and get what you want. You can select the color of your choice for making the search enjoyable. You can mute the sound or use the vibration for secret searching. In such case the colorful graphs will show you the direction of the magnetic field.Metal Detector Pro

Metal Detector by Netigen

This metal detector app works well on your android.The change in the EMF values will insure you the presence of the metals around you. The formation of the graph points the direction of the metal. You can set the vibrator and alarm sounds for detection.

Metal Detector by Netigen

Metal Detector (Max, Min)

This metal detector app for android has a very cool interface. The x, y, z components display the maximum and minimum magnetic field values of the area of your interest. The alarm or vibration will automatically activate when the app identify the metal.

metal detector max,min

NewZoogle Special;

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Hope, you will really like to check these metal detector apps plus Pixel Robot Jump Saga Game on android. Am I right? Tell me about your views in the comments.



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