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Top 7 Best Photo Hider Apps for Android to Lock your Pictures

Top 7 Best Photo Hider Apps for Android to Lock Pictures

All of us love to share photos but often we have such kind of photos which we do not want to show others even we feel insecure to keep them in our mobile because anyone can take our mobile and start to see our private pictures that can disclose many of our secrets. So before anyone catch your mobile, quickly install the best photo hider apps for android and feel comfortable whenever you handover your phone to your family or friends. These apps lock your photos and videos so nobody can see them without your permission. You can put the strong passwords and can also hide the app’s icon so nobody can even suspect that you are hiding something. These photo hiding apps also protect your photos but if you have accidently delete your photos then Newzoogle recommends the best photo recovery apps for android to get back your deleted photos. Anyways, let’s come to the point and find the best photo hider apps for android.

Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault

Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault

This is a very reliable and customizable photo hiding app because with it you can set an unbreakable pin or passwords for the one or multiple photos. You can get the notification and picture of the person who try to see your private gallery. This picture hider app also lets you to generate fake pins, send the pictures to specific people and get back your lost passwords and photos.

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

This is an amazing photo hiding app because it provides you an audio manager icon under which your private pictures will remain safe. Apparently it seems that this is the button to control voice but actually it is the magical way to hide photos. You can also create quick photo slideshows, separate album folders and restore your pictures from Google Drive.

Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures

Gallery Vault - Hide Pictures

Gallery Vault enables you to lock as many pictures as you want. You can also hide the app’s icon; shake the device to quickly close the app, create fake passwords and get the alerts when someone interrupts in your privacy. This photo hider app for android also supports the SD cards, gif images and fingerprint scanners.

Hide Pictures &Videos – Vaulty

Hide Pictures &Videos Vaulty

With Vaulty, you can easily lock your pictures with strong passwords or PIN. You can know about the person who enters the wrong passwords in order to see your private pictures. This photo hiding app also allows you to have an online photo backup, edit the pictures, make photo slideshows and organize them in correct way.

Hide Photos in Photo Locker

Hide Photos in Photo Locker

This photo hiding app locks your photos and lets you to disguise the app, create separate pin codes for separate photo albums and hide multiple pictures in a single click. This photo hiding app also supports the slideshow viewing, automatic lock, PIN code recovery, quick encryption and more.

Hide Something – Photo, Video

Hide Something - Photo, Video

This app provides you two modes to lock your secret pictures by pattern or PIN. You can remove the app from the recent app list and edit the pictures according to your desires. This picture hiding app also provides you fake modes, gif animations and safe sharing tools.

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

If you want to hide your text messages, videos, pictures, contacts and apps then this is the best app for you. It actively locks everything you want and also shows you the picture of the person who tries to break your password. You can make fake albums, hide the app’s icon and get back your data in case of lose.

Which is your favorite photo hiding app for android? Tell the Newzoogle in the comments.

Top 7 Quit Smoking Apps for Android to Stop Smoking

Top 7 Quit Smoking Apps for Android

Smoking is not good for your health. It takes you and your family into a pathetic situation where nobody can help you except the death. If you love yourself and your dear ones then definitely you will try to stop smoking and if you have tried a lot but in vain then Newzoogle recommends you to check out the best quit smoking apps for android. These apps will perform the role of a personal assistant who will with you all the time and give you different suggestion about how to control smoking. Quit smoking apps let you to save money which you are wasting on buying cigarettes or diseases. The motivational tips of the quit smoking apps will give you energy and confidence to stop the smoking for better health. At least you will be able to reduce the daily amount of cigarettes but do not forget that it is your determination and will power that will keep you away from smoking.

Newzoogle has listed the top 7 quit smoking apps for android. So that you can easily select which quit smoking app is best for you.

Quit Now: My QuitBuddy

Quit Now My QuitBuddy

If you really want to stop smoking then you must try this quit smoking app because it will give you interesting suggestions to stop smoking. You can set the goals, track your habits and time when you feel the thirst for cigarette. The app will keep you busy in playing games and other activates to pass your difficult time. You can record the voice of your loved ones or receive the motivational message from the app to do every possible thing to overcome the smoking.

Quit smoking slowly

Quit smoking slowly

This quit smoking app will slowly take you away from the cigarettes and shows you such videos and pictures that will encourage you to stop smoking. It gives you a green light signal when you can take the cigarette and get the instant tips to improve your health. This app is also compatible for android wear smartwatches

Get Rich or Die Smoking

Get Rich or Die Smoking

Fill your ashtray with a lot of money instead of the disgusting cigarettes’ rubbish. This quit smoking app will tell you about the money you waste and about the health you lose in every minute due to over smoking. This app will also help you to know the experience of the people who had stopped smoking.

Quit smoking – QuitNow!

Quit smoking - QuitNow!

This quit smoking app has helped many people to live a smoke free life. You can easily keep an eye on the cigarettes you use daily and get the estimate about the money you waste on them. This app will also show your health reports after quitting the smoking even for an hour, week or month.



There will be no chance of getting a heart attack, lung cancer and other fatal diseases if you stop to take cigarettes. This quit smoking app for android will show you the condition of your body after taking the cigarettes. Daily you will receive such messages that will keep you away from smoking.

If you want to protect your eyes also then use the top 7 screen light dimmer apps for android.

Smoke Free, stop smoking help

Smoke Free, stop smoking help

If you cannot stop smoking then at least you can find its alternative that is good for your health. This app allows you to use an electronic cigarette and gradually decrease the amounts of cigarettes and increase your money. You can also share your efforts with your friends to look fit.

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

Quit Smoking Cessation Nation

This quit smoking app will also help you to stop smoking and improve your health. It will tell you how much cigarettes you have used and how many hours you have spend without smoking.

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Sex Dice

Sex Dice

Sex Dice is especially designed for the adults who want to fulfill their carnal desires. You can easily play with your opposite sex just by throwing the dices. The dice number will assign you the various tasks such as kiss, touch and many other lustful tasks. Sex Dice also allows you to set the time, put the passwords, edits the tasks and adds the music to have the best sexual experience.

Do you know another quit smoking app and sex game for android then please inform us in the comments to update the article.


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