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Top 7 VPN Apps for Android to Browse Anonymously

Top 7 VPN Apps for Android to Browse Anonymously

VPN is the short abbreviation of the “Virtual Private Network” which is essential for every mobile and internet user to protect their mobile data and online activities. Although all of us externally take care of our internet and mobile devices but unfortunately neglect the internal security due to which often our personal information leaks. But if you have android then quickly get the best VPN apps for android and say “good bye to insecurity”. With the help of these apps, no one can access your privacy (credit card information, pictures, passwords and other sensitive data). Your device will save from hackers, malwares, spy wares and other malicious attackers. VPN apps for android also enable you to easily open the blocked websites, hide your identity, surf anonymously and quickly connect to any server of your choice.

The list of VPN apps for android is large in numbers but to save your time Newzoogle has selected the following top 7 VPN apps for android. Hope, you will love them.

Rocket VPN – Internet FreedomRocket VPN - Internet Freedom

Rocket VPN is an amazing creation of the Liquidum developers who are famous to produce the free and top android apps. With Rocket VPN, you can easily secure your internet, have a fast and private browser, access to the geographically blocked content, get the unlimited bandwidth and prevent your connection from the third party intruders. No one can track your identity and location. You can lock your privacy and use the short cuts to open any app. Also Checkout IOS version of Rocket VPN.

Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPNTurbo VPN - Unlimited Free VPN

Turbo is the fastest and easiest VPN app for android that lets you to quickly open the censored or publically restricted websites and videos. Within a single click, you will be able to bypass the firewalls and connect to the worldwide protective servers. Turbo also cover up your location with anonymous names and identity.

Betternet Free VPN ProxyBetternet Free VPN Proxy

Betternet is an amazing VPN app for android because it gives you a secured network to easily access the blocked websites like facebook and YouTube etc. You can change your IP address and locations to avoid being tracked. This app protects your personal data and also provides you unlimited bandwidth to have a secured surfing experience.

Hola Free VPN ProxyHola Free VPN Proxy

Hola is an ad free VPN app for android that allows you to get access to any type of apps, websites and blogs that are restricted in your country. You can conceal your identity, change your location and get a private browser to find anything from all around the world.

SurfEasy Secure Android VPNSurfEasy Secure Android VPN

This is a very easy to use VPN app for android because with it you can read the blocked content, watch the censored videos and easily access all kind of restricted websites. You can mask your identity, hide your location, bypass the firewalls, get a Wi-Fi hotspot security and enjoy the live customer support etc.

VPN Proxy Unlimited -Touch VPNVPN Proxy Unlimited - Touch VPN

Touch VPN app for android is best to unblock the concealed websites and apps with just one click. You can protect your personal data, connects to the fastest and anonymous servers. This VPN app for android also allows you to change your IP address, enjoy the unlimited bandwidth and secured hotspot shield.

Free VPN proxy by Snap VPNFree VPN proxy by Snap VPN

This VPN app for android automatically connects you to a secured proxy server and also allows you to select your favorite server to unblock the restricted websites. You can protect your network traffic, browse anonymously, change your IP, hide your name and easily evade the firewalls to surf quickly.

I am a big fan of “Rocket VPN” because it gives me the reliable services. I also recommend it to all of you.  Anyways if you have other choices then most welcome to share with Newzoogle via comments.

Wi-Fi Channel Analyzer Apps for Android to Get the Powerful Wireless Signals

The Best Wifi Channel Analyzer Apps for Android

Internet has become a common norm and without internet life is just like a fish out of water. This growing trend of internet gives birth to a lot of wifi channels and overwhelmed the people to decide which wifi channel is best for their devices. Instead of asking from other people, simply install the best wifi channel analyzer apps for android to know which channel has the least traffic and run well on your wireless router. These wifi channel analyzer apps also provide you the detailed information about the different wifi channels such as signal strength, DNS lookup and many more. If your internet is slow than Newzoogle recommends the best internet speed booster apps for android.

Anyways the list of wifi channel analyzer apps is large but here you will know about the most downloaded and highly appreciated network channel analyzer apps for android.

Wifi Analyzer by farproc

Wifi Analyzer by farproc

This wifi channel analyzer app has helped a lot of people so can be called the number one android app that informs you about the channels that are not much crowded. You can compare the various channels via colorful graphs and ratings to ensure that your choice is right up to your router.

WiFi Analyzer by Zoltan

WiFi Analyzer

Like the system monitor apps, this app identifies the network problems so you discard them quickly. It displays the information related to different networks and lets you to closely examine the channels that have the powerful signals, least traffic, reliable AP and DNS etc. This network channel analyzer app also shows the charts and dashboards to observe the link speed.

Wifi Analyzer by Webprovider

Wifi Analyzer by Webprovider

Along with providing you the information about all the network channels, this app also enables you to check the signal powers according to the area where you are living. This wifi channel analyzer app is also best to know the latest AP and signal history through colored graphs.

NETGEAR WiFi Analytics

NETGEAR WiFi Analytics

Netgear allows you to know the places where the signals are weak and powerful even you can easily guess does your bedroom is best for receiving the signals or your kitchen and other areas are suitable for that. This network channel analyzer app also tells you about the network status, speed, traffic and interferences etc.

WiFi Analyzer Lite

WiFi Analyzer Lite

WiFi Analyzer Lite scans your network and enables you to get the latest information about the various network channels like 2.4GHz and 5GHz etc. This wifi channel analyzer app also lets you to know the most crowded channels, frequencies and interferences to have a secure and high speed network. If you want to keep an eye over your internet usage then use the best internet lock apps for android.

WiFi Channel Analyzer

WiFi Channel Analyzer

This is a very easy to use wifi channel analyzer app for android because it quickly shows the list of all networks based on most crowded and less traffic channels so you can easily select the best channel up to your router.

I have tried my best in giving you the right information but if you think that your favorite wifi channel analyzer app is not included in the above list then most welcome to tell the Newzoogle via comments and emails.

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