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Best Hairstyle Changer Apps for android

Best Hairstyle Changer Apps for Android

To have a cute and stylish haircut is the desire of every young girl that’s why hairstyle experts have introduced a variety of fashionable hairstyles that are best for weddings, parties and other occasions. But often you become confused to decide which hairstyle suits well on you. To help you in this regard, android developers has invented amazing hairstyle changer apps that let you to set your face into different hairstyles and know which hairstyle looks beautiful on you. These hairstyle changer apps provide you a lot of long and short hairstyles like bun, bob, braided, ponytail, fishtail, layered, step and more. Even you can also see the pictures and video tutorials to do different hairstyles but for this visit the next post. And remember to try on different hairstyles before going to salon otherwise a bad haircut can make you a ridiculous person.

Below you will find the best hairstyle changer apps for android.

Celebrity Hairstyle SalonCelebrity Hairstyle Salon

Celebrity Hairstyle Salon gives you a lot of hairstyles and haircuts to try on your photos. You can get more than 20 hair colors and beautiful fashion items to decorate your hair. This hairstyle changer app also enables you to adjust the size of the hairstyles, set them with hairbrush and share them with your friends.

Hairstyle Mirror: try on liveHairstyle Mirror try on live

This hairstyle changer app has more than 100 hairstyles that are arranged in different categories like long, short, medium and crazy. You can easily select your favorite haircuts and later edit them with different hair accessories like flowers, butterfly, ponies and more. This app also lets you to change the color and size of your selected haircuts to make them fit on your photo.

Hairstyle Changer Photo EditorHairstyle Changer Photo Editor

This hairstyle changer app provides you many decent and fashionable haircuts which you can easily set on your pictures. You can dye your hairs with different colors and resize the hairstyles to get a natural and realistic look. Check over here to change the color of your eyes.

Hair Style Changer | ExtensionHair Style Changer Extension

This is the best hairstyle changer app for men and women. As a man, you can try on different hairstyles to get a dashing look like players, celebrities and many more. As a woman, you can know how glamorous you will look with curly, blonde, bob and fringe haircuts. This app also allows you to adjust the size of the hairstyles but if you want to change the size of your favorite photos then browse around here.

What do you think about these hairstyle changer apps for android? Do you have tried any of the above hairstyle apps? Give your feedback in the comments.

Best Hairstyle Tutorial Apps for Android Every Girl Should Try

Best Hairstyle Tutorial Apps for Android

Do you want to change your look? Then there are a variety of things to try out but one of the main things is your hairstyle that can make you stylish, fashionable and decent lady.  French tail, Ponytail, updo, bun, bob, braid, short, long and to name a few are the popular hairstyles but some of these hairstyles are a bit difficult and you cannot make them by yourself but if you have android then hairstyle tutorial apps can help you to quickly make your favorite hairstyles. These apps show you the pictures, videos and step by step instructions so you can easily become hairstyle expert. This is also able to be mention that each and every hairstyle app for android shows you the different but new hairstyles which are best for parties, weddings, formal and informal gatherings.

Below you will find the best hairstyle tutorial apps for android:

Hair Styles Step by step Hair Styles Step by step

This is the number one hairstyle app because it introduces you with a lot of glamorous, latest and easy hairstyles. From long to short every type of hairstyles are explained with the help of pictures that are clear and let you to easily follow the step by step hairstyle methods. This app also enables you to save your favorite hairstyles into separate folders so you can easily find them whenever you need.

Hairstyles step by stepHairstyles step by step

This hairstyle tutorial app is packed with amazing hairstyles that are mostly long, braided and bun. You can select your favorite hairstyle category and get the step by step guidance through photos and instructions. This app also enables you to save and share your most wanted hairstyles.

Weave braidWeave braid

If you love the braided hairstyles then you should try this hairstyle app for android because it shows you the special braided hairstyles like one side braided, French braided, butterfly braided and more. Each and every step is explained in a very easy to understand way. This app also gives you various hair care tips to quickly get rid from dandruff and hair loss problems.

Hair styles and HaircutsHair styles and Haircuts

More than 900 stylish and glamorous hairstyles are included in this hairstyle tutorial app. You can get the new ideas for your next haircuts. This app also shows you the step by step pictures of different hairstyles even you also watch the complete tutorial videos to quickly learn the hairstyle techniques.

Hair Tutorials Step by StepHair Tutorials Step by Step

This is a fantastic hairstyle app for android because it teaches you a lot of stylish hairstyles like twisted ponytail, fishtail, braided buns and more. You can see full tutorials with the help of clear and colored pictures. This app also tells you about the usual, professional and fashionable hairstyles.

step by step- Hairstylesstep by step- Hairstyles

With this hairstyle tutorial app, you can know about a lot of stylish and easy hairstyles. All the hairstyles are explained with photos that are numbered as 1, 2, 3 and so on. You can set your favorite hairstyles as wallpapers and share them with your friends on facebook, twitter and other social contacts.

Hope, these hairstyle apps for android will help you to do every type of hairstyles according to your desires. Which app has your favorite hairstyles? Share with Newzoogle in the comments.

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