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Top 7 Fastest Video Chat Apps for Android to Talk Free Part 2


After SMS and phone calls, the trend of video chatting is spreading all over the world. Because in video calls you can easily judge the mood, face expressions and body language of other persons while in voice calls and SMS these things are difficult to examine. Face to face meeting has its own charm which can be achieved with the best video chat apps for android. Some of the free video chatting apps had been discussed in the previous article and some are discussed here. All these apps let you to easily connect with the people who are living away from you. There will be no noise disturbance. You can easily deliver and listen to the crystal clear voice. These apps also enable you to freely talk as long as you want. The most celebrating feature of these apps is the HD video quality so you can easily see the face of your loved ones. You can also record the video chats for future purposes. Carry on the reading to know more about the fastest video chat apps for android.

YeeCall Messenger & Video Chat


YeeCall is the best video chatting app that lets you to easily make free video calls and messages. You can use different stickers, emojis and smileys to express your emotions during a video chat. The voice and video quality of YeeCall is also appreciative. More than 20 people can easily make a group video chat.

JusTalk – free video calls


JusTalk is a super fantastic video chat app for android because it enables you to quickly make the phone and video calls. You can record the video chats, use the different ringtones, doodle during call and start to play the games in case you feel boring. More than 2 persons can take part in video chatting. You can also arrange the private video chats to all your android, IOS, iPad and iphone users.

SOMA free video call and chat


If you want to have a secure and free video chat app for android then SOMA is the app you are searching for. With it you can make a high quality and smooth video chat. You can get amazing SMS packages, emojis and unlimited free international call offers. No one can access your private conversations and messages. More than 500 people can easily have a face to face video conference.

Google Duo


Google Duo is a very reliable and easy to use video chatting app. Before attending the call, you can see the photo of the person who is inviting you for the video chat. There is no echo and noise distraction. Voice quality is fantastic. Google Duo is also compatible with ios devices.

icq video calls & chat


Many android users love to use icq because it gives you very unique features such as you can make HD video chats, free international calls and unlimited group chats. There are a variety of cute stickers and emojis to easily say whatever is in your heart. This app also gives you the facility to share the pictures, send the voice messages and view the chatting history.

free video calls and chat


This free video chatting app provides you a lot of beautiful chat wallpapers, funny stickers and expressive emojis. You can make free video chats, voice calls and group chats to get a new chatting experience. To share the SMS, files, videos and pictures is also possible with this app that supports the Odnoklassniki, VK and ICQ social networks.

Glide – Video Chat Messenger


Glide lets you to quickly make free video chats to all over the world. You can send the picture messages and video recordings to your friends. Glide also supports the android wear smart watches and best to take real time photos and live video streaming. Click here to know the popular live streaming apps for android.

If I had missed another important video chat app for android then feel free to write a comment so your favorite video chat app must be included in the above list.

Top 7 Voice Changer Apps for Android

Top 7 Voice Changer Apps for Android

Voice changer apps for android let you to easily change your voice according to your desires. You can apply various effects on your voice to fool others or to pass your spare time. These voice changer apps can easily turn your voice into a man, woman, animal, bird, ghost and more. Your voice quality will improve and help you to give it funny, scary, romantic, slow, fast and many other interesting effects which you may need. Even these apps also enable you to convert your voice from young to old and old to young boy or girl. If you want to change your voice during skype calls then visit the next page.

Below I will discuss the world’s best voice changer apps for android. Let’s read.

Simple Voice Changer

Simple Voice Changer

Simple Voice Changer app is really amazing that allows you to record your voice and give it more than 12 cute effects based on chipmunk, robot, background echo and more. You can set your favorite voice as ringtone, save and share it with your friends. This app is also best to record your phone calls like the famous call recorder apps about which Newzoogle has already talked in the previous article.

Voice Changer by AndroidRock

Voice Changer by AndroidRock

This voice changer app has more than 26 voice effects such as nervous, drunk, underwater, small robot and many more. You can apply any effect, save and edit it up to your choice. This app also lets you to apply the effects as many times as you want to create a new and unique voice.

Girls Voice Changer

Girls Voice Changer

Girls Voice Changer app enables you to turn your voice into any girl. You can select the girl’s voice according to the age like 10, 16, and 21 years old lady. With this app, you can also get the soft, polite, low and high toned girls’ voices.

Voice changer with effects

Voice changer with effects

This is a very popular voice changer app because it gives you more than 40 clear voice effects and a beautiful piano. You can make pictures with talking sounds and can also make voices from text. This app also lets you to set your modified voices as the call and notification ringtones.

Voice Changer

Voice Changer

More than 20 special voice effects are included in this voice changer app and all the voices are original. You can easily apply them on your recordings. This app also helps you to save your fun created voices and set them as the alarm and ringtone sounds. If you want to get the different and unique ringtones then check this link right now.

Change My Voice

Change My Voice

This app lets you to convert your voice from a man to woman and woman to man. Like the other voice changer apps, this app also gives you a lot of voice effects to change your audios into cat, chipmunk, robot and more. You can also create your own voices by controlling the pitch levels, sliders and speed etc.

Voice Changer by Androbaby

Voice Changer by Androbaby

This voice changer app has a very attractive user friendly interface. You can change your voice into a child, giant, alien, old radio, robot and helium. This app also enables you to save and share your funny audio recordings with your friends on social media.

If you think that something is missing from this article then feel free to tell the Newzoogle in the comments.

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