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Best Android Apps to Hide your Private Text Messages

Best Android Apps to Hide Text Messages

All of us love to do the text messages but sometimes we have special kind of messages from our friends related to finance and love relationships. If we delete such messages then may we need them in future as prove and if we save them then anybody can read them to disclose our secrets? So Newzoogle recommends the best SMS Hiding apps for android to save your messages from the preying eyes. Once you install these apps, you can easily handover your mobile to others even you do not need to delete your private SMS due to the fear of others. Although Newzoogle has already discussed a knockout post to protect your messages but to explore your knowledge here you will find the best SMS hiding apps for android. These apps offer such incredible features that nobody can guess that you have a private message box in your android. Let’s read in detail:

Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

Private SMS & Call - Hide Text

This is the best SMS hiding app because with it you can store your all messages and calls in a private space. You can hide the icon, set a selective ringtone and get the fake notifications whenever you will receive the message or calls from the private contacts so nobody will be able to know that you are hiding something. This app also lets you to shake your device to quickly lock the private box.



If you really love the privacy then must give a try to this Calculator. It is not only a calculator but basically a private SMS hiding app for android that gives you the spot to save your SMS, MMS and contacts. You will receive a fake call screen, customized notification and a virtual message when have a new message from private numbers. This SMS hiding app also enables you to hide the icon, set the passwords and restore your messages. Check out this article: to get back your deleted messages.

Hide My Text – Invisible

Hide My Text - Invisible

This SMS hiding app allows you to easily hide your text messages and private contacts in a secret space. You can block the useless calls and SMS that create tensions for you. The app’s icon is completely invisible so no one will be able to access your private conversation. You can set the passwords and codeword notifications to secure your privacy.

Private Message Box : Hide SMS

Private Message Box Hide SMS

This SMS hiding app keeps save your all personal calls, SMS and MMS under a strong PIN or password. You can do as many private messages as you want without paying a single penny even you can also share the pictures and locations with your friends that are using this SMS hiding app. You can also customize the notifications, ringtone and app’s icon according to your priorities.

Hide SMS ,Private Message

Hide SMS ,Private Message

This is the user friendly SMS hiding app that enables you to store all private numbers and text messages in a safest place about which you only know. You can hide the icon and set a fake notification when you have a new but secret SMS from your friends.

I like the “Calculator” to hide my private conversation. Is it your favorite or do you like to use any of the above SMS hiding apps to protect your privacy? Do not forget to share with Newzoogle in the comments.

Fastest FaceBook Apps for Android to Quickly Connect with Friends

Fastest Facebook Apps for Android

Facebook is one of the fastest social media that is ruling over the hearts of millions of young and old people. It provides you an amazing platform where you can stay connected with your friends and strangers as well. This growing trend of facebook has persuaded the many developers to create the fastest facebook apps for android so your communication become much faster than before. These apps let you to get the notification when someone visit or comment on your post even you can also post the comments automatically. With the help of these fastest facebook apps, you can also join new groups to make your friends circle huge and vast. The great feature of these fastest facebook apps for android is the ability to quickly download and upload the photos and videso, for more details click here.

As a great fan of facebook, I had tested all the following fastest facebook apps for android and surprised my friends. So you must try these apps to become the fastest follower of the facebook world.



This is the number one facebook app for android because it lets you to quickly connect with your loved ones. You can play the games, share the unlimited pictures and videos just in seconds even you will receive a notification when someone comment on your fb.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups make it easy for you to find the new chatting groups. You can manage your all groups in one place like friends and family, business and organizations etc. This fastest facebook app also allows you to quickly update your status, share the photos and make the plans.

Fast – FB Alternative Client

Fast - FB Alternative Client

This is the best facebook alternative app for android because it provides all the necessary features which you may need to manage your account and pages. You can chat with new people, get the quick news feed, save and share the photos even can also play the YouTube videos directly from the app.

Mini For Facebook – Mini FB

Mini For Facebook - Mini FB

If you want to quickly download the facebook videos and photos then this fastest facebook app is just for you. You can also modify the settings, access to your favorite personalities, use the stickers and quickly share the information. This fastest facebook app also protects your phone from quick battery consumptions.

Bubble for Facebook

Bubble for Facebook

This is really a fastest facebook app for android because it lets you to quickly use the facebook. A floating icon will remain at the side of your screen while you are using other apps and let you to quickly open up the facebook. You can set the icon on the up and down, right and left sides of your screen to easily start the chatting and news updates.

Who Viewed Me On Fbook – Free

Who Viewed Me On Fbook - Free

This is a fantastic and free facebook app for android. With it you can quickly track the person who visits your fb profile even you can recognize the profile spy and stalkers but make sure your all beloved ones are included in the friends list otherwise purchase the complete version of this fastest facebook app for android.

Camera for Facebook

Camera for Facebook

Camera for Facebook will make your pictures beautiful and impressive. You can apply the amazing effects on your photos and edit them according to your choice. This app also provides you filter and frames to increase the beauty of your photos. If you want to get the special photo editing tools then click this.

I had tried my best to inform you about the best and fastest facebook apps for android but if you think something is missing then most welcome to share with Newzoogle via comments.

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