Best Secret Video Recorder Apps for Android


I love secrets because there is a strange pleasure in keeping or disclosing a secret. But to disclose a secret you need a proof that can be in written, oral or video form. Android mobiles are the best way to record any type of secrets like voice and call recording even you can also secretly record the videos. Nobody can guess that you are recording his or her video. But for this you will have to download the best secret video recorder apps for android because these apps let you to do your job secretly. Although all the android mobiles have the built in camera feature that enables you to make videos whenever and wherever you want. But there are some exclusive moments where to openly record the video is not an easy task but if you had secret video recorder apps then you can easily track the ongoing happenings. There will be no sound and no light blinking. The hidden video recording will continue in the background even when you receive the phone calls, playing games, using other apps and turning off your screen. That’s why these apps can also be called “the background video recorder apps”. Let’s explore them in detail.

Secret Video Recorder Pro

Secret Video Recorder Pro

This is the best android app because with it you can record as many videos as you want. You can set the recording times, use the SMS and automatically record the videos in high, medium and low qualities. There will no preview and camera sound. You can create separate folders for different videos and find them by date or category. This app also supports for video orientations, notifications and password protections.

Secret Video Recorder by kimcy


This app lets you to record the videos according to your choice. You can schedule the recordings, mute the shutter sound, disable the flashlight and preview. When the recording will start or stop, your phone will vibrate or display the notification. This app also allows you to edit the videos, use the widget, set the night mode, video quality and more.

Background Video Recorder


Background Video Recorder enables you to quickly record long or short videos in HD results. You can disable the notification, record the video without voice, change the camera sound and the intensity of the flashlight. This app also supports the SD cards, Dropbox and Google Drive etc.

background video recorder

background video recorder

This app lets you to enable or disable the notification icon and camera preview to record the exclusive moments. You can set the recording duration, use the widget and carry on the recordings even when your screen is lock or you are normally using your mobile. This app is available in more than one languages.

SVR – Secret Video RecorderSVR - Secret Video Recorder

This is a very easy to use app that gives you the facility to record unlimited videos in a single click. It has no preview and sound. You can use the night vision camera,  private gallery, notification, time lapse, auto focus, pin code and password to take and hide your secret videos.

background video recorder by Mediacoding


Like the above apps, this app also allows you to take private videos with secret spy camera. No sound, no preview and quick background recordings have made this app very much popular among all the android users. You can utilize the front and back camera, configure the settings and many more.

Do you have ever tried any of the above background video recorder apps for android? Does it do the job up to your requirements? Give me your feedback in comments.


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