The Best Internet Lock Apps for Android


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Many of us use internet on our android phones for a specific purposes. Sometimes we forget to turn it off while we are going to work or sleep. So the prying eyes get the golden chance of using our internet. For example, your friends can use face book or can download movies from your internet connection in your absence. Your kids can click on ads while playing games and your 100$ will be waste. Often you yourself used the internet more than the fixed megabytes and bound to pay some extra charges for that. How pathetic?
The solution of all the above problems is to download the best internet lock apps for android. Internet lock apps will automatically lock your internet when you are not using it and save your battery from consumption.

Internet Lock

It is a very easy to use internet lock app for android. It allows you to protect your internet with a strong password. No one will be able to use your data or internet connection without your permission. This internet lock app is totally free.

internet lock 1

Internet (Data/Wifi) Lock Lite

It is the best internet lock app for android users. It gives you the facility to lock your mobile data and internet connection. You can also block both the internet and mobile data at the same time by a single click. It enables you to set the unimaginable pin pattern for securing your internet connections.

internet data wifi lock lite 1
Definitely you will like to protect your internet from prying eyes. Share with us your views about the internet lock apps for android in the comment section below.

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